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Third Grade Art Displayed at Longwood - Again!

Congratulations to our Art Department and our Third Graders!

3rd Graders visit  their tree on display at Longwood Gardens

Starting in September it has been Christmas in the Art Room for St. Anne’s third graders!

Last summer, we learned that St. Anne’s was one of just 16 schools whose design was chosen for the annual Children's Christmas Tree Display at Longwood Gardens.  It was a team effort coordinated by third grade teachers Sue Kaminski and Stacie Emerson and with art teachers Charlotte Howard and Amy Sherman. As a team, we came up with a design for the tree and the ornaments as well as the tree topper, and submitted our ideas to Longwood almost a year in advance for consideration.  We kept our fingers crossed that St. Anne’s would be selected.  

3rd Graders make decorations for their tree on display at Longwood Gardens

Mrs. Kaminski received an email in August notifying her that our design had been selected for the second year in a row!   Each child would craft four different ornaments to fit with our tree’s theme of “Gifts,” bringing the design to life.  Beginning in September every Monday was Christmas in the Art room!  Our third grade elves began creating their ornaments step by step with the help of teachers and parents.

Students were challenged to really think about what their unique gift was… Compassion?  Kindness? Thoughtfulness?   Using a variety of materials such as wood, paper, clay, paint and found objects, students were able to create magical ornaments to be delivered to Longwood. Once delivered, Longwood’s professional curators and volunteers arranged the tree using the students’ ornaments.   

3rd Graders make decorations for their tree on display at Longwood Gardens

With visions of sugar plums and bottled enthusiasm, we awaited our special field trip to marvel at our creation as a team of very proud young artists.  Many parents were able to join the school group when the big day came to visit Longwood Gardens.  The children were bursting with pride when they saw their tree on display inside the conservatory - it was gorgeous!  

We thank all of the parents and volunteers who helped us with this project!  It is an amazing community experience that emulates our mission here at St Anne’s as well as forges new friendships, ideas and plans for next year.  

3rd Graders make decorations for their tree on display at Longwood Gardens

Merry Christmas!   

- Stacie Emerson, Charlotte Howard, Sue Kaminski, Amy Sherman