Service Learning

An emphasis on Community Service has been a part of St. Anne's since its inception. Our commitment to the whole child includes promoting his or her growth as a good citizen and a compassionate, generous person. At every grade level we ask students to participate in service that benefits the school community and those beyond our school.

Our students engage in numerous service projects. These activities encompass both grade-level community service  and school-wide service activities that include Thanksgiving and Spring food drives and a Christmas Giving tree. They also age into our daily “jobs” program. For ten minutes each day, each student has a task such as emptying recycling and trash bins, sweeping the dining room, cleaning up the art room, or collecting and stowing the playground equipment. They work together to make their learning environment more enjoyable for all.

We believe children benefit from the experience of volunteering time to help someone outside of their families in ways that promote the common good.  Work in service to others bears fruit not just in making the world a better place, but also in helping build the character of young people as they discover the joy one feels when engaging in such selfless action.

Graduation Requirement

Community service is also a requirement for graduation. All Middle School students must complete 20 hours of community service by late March (spring break) in their eighth grade year.  Some students volunteer for their church or an organization like the Humane Society or Food Bank. Others have researched a particular cause they are interested in.  By writing a reflective essay on their experience for their religion teacher, they often vividly capture their growth as individuals committed to the well being of others and the improvement of our world.

Community Service Projects

Examples from the recent past have included:

  • Pre-Kindergarteners: Honored their 4th grade Book Buddies by preparing a special snack during their fall ERB testing. They also planted grass seed "Johnny-Appleseed-style” to serve the Earth.
  • Kindergartners care for the St. Anne's bluebird boxes each spring. 
  • 1st graders collect gifts at Christmas to help a specific family in need.
  • 2nd graders create and run a bookstore and choose a charity to support with proceeds each spring.  
  • 3rd graders make holiday crafts for the residents of Broadmeadow Nursing Home and often visit to sing carols.
  • 4th graders run a winter clothing drive and visit the Wilmington Clothing Bank with their donations.
  • 5th graders ran a spring food drive.
  • 6th graders filled Hope Totes for the Sunday Breakfast Mission.
  • 7th graders research local charities and make the case for how the funds they have raised should be allocated.  They also host the Urban Promise School visitors each year.
  • 8th graders traveled to the YMCA to help them get ready for their summer camps program.
  • The Middle School community service elective group volunteers at the St. Andrew’s Preschool every Friday afternoon for an hour.