St. Anne's transportation program provides a safe, enjoyable experience for students before and after school. Based on the needs of our families, we design routes each year that combine convenience with minimal time on the bus or van. Buses and vans are owned by the school and drivers are employed by us.

Transportation Fees (2018-2019) - based on mileage from St. Anne's Episcopal School

Distance Round Trip One-Way Trip
Within 5 Miles  $1,300 $750
Between 5.1 - 15 Miles  $1,940 $1,140
Between 15.1 - 25 Miles  $2,550 $1,490
In Excess of 25 Miles $2,790 $1,610
Each additional child per family will receive a 10% discount on fees.


  • In general, pick-up locations are convenient centrally situated, as the school is not able to make stops at each student's home.
  • Morning routes start at 7:00 am or later for arrival at 7:50 am.
  • Afternoon transportation leaves St. Anne's at approximately 3:25 pm.
  • There is no midday route for Preschool/Pre-K students (12:30 dismissal).
  • An afternoon Middle School Activities Bus/Van to Dover, DE is offered.
  • We now have van service to Kent County, Maryland

Transportation routes will be emailed and published on this site prior to the start of school.

Registration & Planning

To help us meet families’ needs, we ask parents to submit a transportation registration for the academic year. We also require parents to help their student(s) to abide by the guidelines outlined in the registration. All school rules and conduct apply to students while riding in school vehicles.


Middle School Activities Bus/Van to Dover, DE

St. Anne's offers a special route based on middle school activities scheduled for families living in the Dover area who have registered for annual transportation services. This route is open to Middle School students participating in various after school activities such as sports, music lessons, and tutoring.

  • Service is provided Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. This schedule may change based on activities scheduled and the number of students participating.
  • The bus/van will depart from St. Anne’s at 5:15 pm and transport students to The Little School in Dover, 105 Mont Blanc Blvd., Dover.