Opening Day 2018-19

All School Picture 2018-19




We kicked off the 2018-2019 school year with fun and fanfare as students returned from summer break.  Some were coming to school for the very first time; others were new to St. Anne’s, still others hailed friends and faculty they had not seen since last June.  Everyone was a bit nervous; but we were ready for that. Welcome Back!

At the red doors, faculty danced, greeted students, and held signs encouraging one and all to “Come On In!” as music played and the paparazzi captured images of the big day.

Welcome Back  2018-19
Welcome 2018-19
Welcome 2018-19
Welcome 2018-19

Preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten Drop-off


Almost every emotion was present in The Pod as children balanced the excitement of new activities, seeing old friends, and making new ones with the reality of letting go of their parents and caregivers.  Shy and bold, joyful and tearful, unsure and can’t-wait, our teachers welcomed them all with hugs, hand holding, and directions and encouragement of how to put their things away.


Once inside Middle School students headed to the gym, first through fourth graders went to the dining room to greet friends and await dismissal to class, while our youngest learners, many escorted by their parents, went to the Early Learning Pod to get situated.

boys play basketball



Many classes started their Daily Devotions from day one, a practice which invites students to recognize and reflect on the light of God in our lives.

Kindergarten Devotions
Pre-K Devotions

Other classes started their first day together in different ways.  Ms. Sanders’ class had some fun picking a card, sharing a multiplication math fact, and picking their seats.  

Meanwhile, up in the library we held our first “First Day of School” parent reception.  A number of folks were able to attend; they chatted and watched as the entire school community gathered at 9:00 AM for the annual all school photo.

Parent Reception on First Day of School
Parent Reception

Due to the heat our gathering on the patio was quite short, though  Mr. Thayer took the opportunity to recognize and welcome our new faculty and students.  In another new tradition, the eighth graders, identifiable in their green shirts as the new leaders of the school, formed a line and greeted the rest of the middle schoolers as they returned inside.

Patio on first day of school


Second through Eighth Grade went directly to the coolness of the gym for their first chapel.    Our youngest learners returned to the classroom to continue with the business of learning; they would have their chapel on the usual day (Thursday).  

Mr. Thayer provided the chapel homily, discussing both the lesson for the day as well as the theme for this year identified by our student-led Chapel Council, “Service with Compassion.”  

It was a terrific start to the year; we are honored to guide the growth of our students in the weeks and months to come!  

Mr. Thayer Chapel