An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness are important matters in St. Anne’s Lower and Middle School programs.  We strongly believe in the on-going connection between body and mind. Our goal is to teach our students wholesome habits that will foster a healthy lifestyle. We are a nut-aware school.  Nut aware means you are being asked by the school to bring in peanut/nut alternatives for individual student lunches and snacks out of consideration to our children with severe , life threatening allergies.  Food brought in cannot have any peanut or nut ingredients, including peanut/nut oils or peanut/nut flour.

These are modeled in all grades through outdoor recess, Physical Education, interscholastic sports (grades 6-8),  daily devotions, healthy meals, and rest time for our youngest students. Middle School students attend a health class that covers topics including nutrition, fitness, healthy attitudes and relationships in an age-appropriate curriculum one trimester each year.

Health Services

St. Anne’s has two Registered Nurses on staff who share the week and manage our health services. Beyond basic first aid and managing medications for students, our team asks you to partner with them to keep us informed of your student’s health records and needs.

Each year you will be asked to submit health forms that can be downloaded from the right side of this page. Once completed, they should  be returned to our Nurses’ Office where medical records are stored.



For questions regarding your student’s healthcare needs please contact:

Beverlee Ashkenase, R.N.
Andrea Croce, R.N.
Phone:  378-3179 x340