An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Connections Preschool to Grade 8

Sharing time across the grades and connecting our youngest and oldest students is a popular program at St. Anne’s.  Every Lower School student is assigned to one or more Middle School “buddies” with whom they meet periodically for Connections to share a book, work on crafts, or play games inside or outdoors.

These school wide friendships extend beyond Connections, with younger students seeking out their middle school buddy’s work at the Science Fair, cheering at the faculty-student basketball game, or reaching out to them during Extended Care.

The real power of the program: older students rise to the occasion of being conscious role models, and younger students learn that they are part of the larger, caring community that is St. Anne’s. Students often recall their exceptional personal growth — from their youthful disregard, to the patient behavior modeled by their older buddy — and rising to the occasion when it's their turn to be the older student.

Caring for others is emphasized throughout our time at St. Anne’s, starting in Connections. It is this legacy of setting a good example that makes St. Anne’s the wonderful place that it is. Compassion is passed from buddy to buddy.”

-Jack Hutchinson, St. Anne’s Class of 2013