Dress Code

As an Episcopal school, we value the dignity of the human spirit by including faculty, students, 
administrators, staff, and trustees from diverse cultural, racial, religious, familial and economic backgrounds. Because of our diversity, we must have tools to help ensure a feeling of equality amongst all of our students. Our dress code is one of those tools. We feel that a child should not be judged on his outward appearance but rather on his actions as a reflection of his character. 

The following rules apply throughout the school day and Extended Care on campus at St. Anne’s. Students are not allowed to change clothing when attending the Extended Care Program or while attending athletic events at school.

Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students do not have to follow the 1st-8th grade requirements of colors but may use the limitations as a general guide with the following statements in mind:

  • Dress should be neat and appropriate for school.
  • Do not send child into school wearing anything too big or too small.
  • Jeans and cargo and Capri style pants are permitted as are leggings and sweatpants.
  • Some writing on clothing, which is appropriate for school, is allowed.
  • Shirts do not need to be tucked in and children are not required to wear belts.
  • Please keep at home accessories that may get in the way, like purses, ties, jewelry and toys.
  • Dress shoes or sneakers must be worn: sandals, clogs, open-back, or open-toe shoes are not permitted for safety reasons.
  • Short sleeves are permitted. Spaghetti straps and backless shirts are not.

Lands' End Preferred School Number: 900074451

Grade 1-8

Shirts: Solid White or Navy Blue (Evergreen is for 8th grade ONLY)
  • Short sleeve or long sleeve collared shirt (golf, oxford, turtleneck or blouse).
  • ALL SHIRTS must be tucked in.
  • All shirts, like all clothing, must fit well; nothing too small, too tight, or too big
  • If an undershirt is worn, it must be solid navy blue or white without writing or graphics.
Pants: Solid Navy Blue or Khaki
  • May be pleated or flat front and hem or cuff should be at top of shoe.
  • If the pants have belt loops, child MUST wear a belt.
  • The following are not permitted: jeans, cargo or Capri style, extremely flared legs, sweatpants or pants with rivets.
  • Boot cut or minimal flare is allowed.
  • Must be worn at the waist; no hip huggers or low-rise pants.
  • All pants, like all clothing, must fit well; nothing too small, too tight, or too big
Sweaters: Solid Navy Blue, solid Dark Green or solid White
  • Sweater or sweater vest (V-neck, crew neck or cardigan style).
  • All sweaters, like all clothing, must fit well: nothing too big or too small, please.
  • A collared shirt must be worn underneath.
Fleeces: Permitted if they are ordered from Lands’ End. Colors include: grey, navy blue, or hunter green. No other colors are permitted.
  • Fleeces may be vests or half-zip or full zip.
  • A collared shirt must be worn underneath.
Hooded sweatshirts:  Must be purchased through St. Anne's “Heron Wear” program to be worn during the school day.
  • Navy,light blue, gray or hunter green are approved colors.

Shorts, Skirts, Jumpers and Skorts: Solid Navy Blue or Khaki
  • No cargo style
  • Skirt or dress length should be no shorter than three inches above the knee
  • Must be worn at the waist, no hip huggers or low-rise.
Shoes: sneakers or leather are permitted, as well as dress shoes. Shoes must cover the entire foot, heel and toes.
  • Boots with pants only.
  • One pair of non-marking sneakers needed for gym class only.
  • No clogs or crocs, except on dress-down days. Flip-flops are never permitted at school.
  • Sneakers must be laced and tied cleanly and tightly.

Must be solid navy blue or white.


May be any color.

P.E. Uniform (Grades 5-8)

This is available for purchase directly from St. Anne’s at the start of the school year. All students in grades 5-8 must wear the school P.E. uniform of white t-shirt and navy “St. Anne’s” shorts. No other clothing will be allowed. Please mark your child’s name on the uniform.

Jewelry, Hats, Hair and Makeup: 
  • All jewelry must be small and appropriate for school. Multiple bracelets, earrings or necklaces are not permitted. 
  • Earrings must be smaller than one inch long.  If students choose to wear makeup, it should be minimal.
  • Body piercing, body jewelry, body drawing and tattoos are not allowed. 
  • No hats or hair coverings should be worn in the building unless required for medical or religious reasons. 
  • Sweatbands and bandanas are not allowed. 
  • Hair must be neat, clean and out of the face and eyes. 
  • Hair must be a natural color; color and style should not be distracting to others.

Clothing should be label or emblem-free. Please mark all clothes with your child’s name.

Interpretation of these rules allows for some individuality of expression, but students who are out of dress code may be issued an appropriate consequence or face other disciplinary reprimands.

Grades 5-8 Gym Uniform

This is available for purchase online through St. Anne’s Heron Wear program each year.

  • All students in grades 5-8 must wear a P.E. uniform:  St. Anne's white t-shirt and navy shorts. 
  • No other clothing will be allowed.

Grade 1-8 Out-of-Dress Code Days

There will be a few out-of-dress code days scheduled throughout the year. There may be an announced theme for style of dress.

  • Students must avoid designs of questionable taste, as well as torn, abused, or revealing items (cropped tops, spaghetti-straps or strapless tops). P.E. uniforms must be worn during P.E. class on out-of-dress code days.
  • Logos and some writing are allowed, as long as they are appropriate for school. 
  • Flip-flops are never permitted at school. 

Middle School Out-of Dress Code Days

  • Excessively tight pants or clothing of any type may not be worn.
  • Skirts or dress length should be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee. 
  • Shorts should be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee
  • Legging or legging-type pants may be worn if the accompanying top or skirt length is no shorter than three inches above the knee.
  • If a student is wearing attire that does not follow the above stated guidelines, the student maybe required (if they are unable to find attire in the school's clothes closet) to come to school in dress code on the next scheduled dress down day.