3rd Annual Culture Day - WOW!

Our student and community support for Culture Day brought great results in 2018 with representation of cultures from around the world, shared in more ways than ever before.

Due to the enthusiastic response of our community to educate others about their cultural heritage, planners decided to expand beyond the confines of the gym this year.  With Asia and Judaism in the Library, Africa in the Art Room, Europe in the Gym, The Islands in the Outdoor Classroom, and the Americas, Deaf Culture and Civil Rights in the Dining Room, we were able to slow down and take in the information presented about each region during the rotation of timed visits.

With 26 booths, 22 countries and cultures, over sixty 3rd through 8th grade student presenters, and 30 parent volunteers, each region was presented in unique and creative ways.  Examples and information about clothing, customs, games, art, sports, geography, language, ethnicity, politics, history, native flora and fauna, and of course, food were all joyously shared.  It was truly an amazing afternoon!


North America, South America,
Deaf Culture and Civil Rights

To conclude that afternoon, at 2:35 we all gathered in the Gym to enjoy recorded and live performances which included Irish Dance, and songs from Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, and Colombia performed by our fourth graders, kindergarteners, students of the Hester Academy of Irish Dance, and members of Sra. Costales’ After School Spanish Club.



Asia & Judaism 

The Islands 


Members of our school community shared these reflections afterwards:

Culture Day was an exciting adventure with the hot foods and the wonderful posters, the fantastic performance by Mr. Hester’s Irish dance company, and the dance by the Spanish Club. In conclusion, it was amazing!  
-Jaide Fisher ‘20
In the van on the way home from our soccer game on Friday three students started sharing with each other and with me their own cultural and ethnic heritage in ways that I had never heard them speak before.  It felt like Wednesday’s Culture Day had given permission to start these conversations.  
-Peter Thayer, Head of School
My experience for Culture Day was very good because everyone asked thoughtful questions and listened attentively.     
-Jamison DeLaine ‘20

We are incredibly thankful for the vision, energy, ideas and efforts of Middle School’s Student Diversity Council and the group’s advisors, Amy Shepherd and Beth Bell.  Thank you for engaging us all in helping us learn from each other’s stories and bringing this event to life!

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