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Study of Line and Value in Art Class
Posted 11/03/2017 11:23AM



Eighth graders have completed a study of LINE and VALUE, two of the fundamental elements of art, and a study of grid work under the guidance of Chuck Close.

Students focused on the concept of line, contour lines, and value along with line quality. They used value to create the illusion of form and light along with their knowledge of line to create a finished drawing in graphite.

Students selected a photograph of an eye or took a picture of an eye to serve as their model. Using a one-inch grid system, they created a grid on the printed eye setting the stage for enlargement.  For their final composition, students transferred the image using a grid by grid technique starting with the lightest graphite. To achieve their desired values, students added layers by gradually increasing the darkness through the varying leveled graphites, erasing the grid as they progressed. The final compositions were a complete success! The eyes say it all.





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