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The Leap of Faith that Started St. Anne's
Posted 10/06/2017 03:37PM

At Founders' Day 2017, our first Head of School, Harvey Zendt, described to the audience how St. Anne's  began.  

This morning I would like to talk about a leap of faith. So that we are all on the  same page a leap, as opposed to a step, requires a careful launch and landing, and faith means there is confidence but not complete certainty. For example you love oatmeal for breakfast and one morning your mom gives you grits. You trust your mom and it looks like oatmeal,  so you take a leap and eat the dish and find it delicious.

There were many leaps of faith in the founding of St Anne's:

  • St. Andrew's Board – This group spent two years exploring the feasibility of the school and took the leap to provide land and resources for its founding.

  • The first teachers – These men and women left secure jobs for the excitement of being on the ground floor of a new school.

  • The first families – These folks moved their children from their current schools to one with no history because they believed in the school's  vision and goals.

All these people were instrumental in the foundation of St. Anne's and without their leaps of faith, the school would not be this great school today. They helped to shape the many traditions and programs that students, families, and teachers now enjoy because they believed in our school.

Everyone here will need to make leaps of faith in their lives.  Do your "homework," look both ways, but do not be afraid to take a leap of faith.  That is how our world becomes a better one.

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