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St. Anne's Alumni experience FAME
Posted 10/06/2017 03:33PM

St. Anne's alumni have also participated in FAME, among them Josiah Cann '14, Heidi Cobb '17, Jada Jackson '17,  Ayanah Jones '16, Sasha Jones '12, Billy Nunn '17, and Sydney Williams '15.  Some have been involved for years while for others the summer of 2017 was their first time. Many of our alumni tell us that they won FAME awards and some have served as program interns; all tell us that the program enhanced their understanding of STEM.  

Josiah Cann '14 participated in FAME from 2013-2015 and won the Outstanding Student in Science award in 2013.  Now a senior at Sanford, he is interested in majoring in Aeronautical Engineering.  The Canns believe that his participation and success at FAME helped him to be selected to the competitive USNA STEM summer program and University of Delaware STEM summer program in 2016.

Ayanah Jones '16 began the FAME program as a rising 7th grader at St. Anne's and has participated ever since.  Now a sophomore at MOT Charter High School, This past summer she was a summer intern for FAME; in 2018 she will advance to FAME's UD program, which is a 2-week summer program where students stay in the dorms and participate in "next level" STEM offerings.  In 2015, Ayanah won the 8th-grade Technology Award and this year she was thrilled to serve as FAME DE Student Body President.

Ayanah says "This summer was very exciting for me, like my older sister Sasha (SAES '12), I participated as an intern and provided technical support to the teachers and students. In this role, I was able to see first hand how curriculum and lesson plans are developed as well as participate in classroom instruction as a presenter and facilitator. I had the opportunity to explore many CAD systems and learned how to work with 3D printers and formally assess a 3D print."  Ayanah says that FAME has reaffirmed her dream of pursuing a career in life science.  She adds that "At St. Anne's I learned that there will always be challenges but that you can overcome them...That has always stuck with me."

Heidi Cobb '17  enjoys learning new concepts in technology and math and has been in FAME for three summers.  Now a freshman at St. Andrew's School, she continues to be a program participant.  She finds coding most exciting, especially when learning new programming languages.  For Heidi, FAME is a continuation of academics through the summer, so SAES and FAME complement each other.

Billy Nunn '17 was new to FAME this year, he too is continuing with the program during the school year; he is enrolled at Tower Hill.  Billy enjoyed his first year in FAME saying "I enjoyed being in a class full of intelligent, smart, and bright African American students, and being taught by teachers of color. Most of my teachers were African American men, which really influenced the way I came out of the program thinking."  He added, "One of the most significant skills that I learned in FAME came from working on our project, which increased the abilities of the disabled by building mechanical devices.  It interested me a lot.  I was very lucky to work with a group of smart students in this project.  With their help, another student and I won the FAME Technology 9th grade Award. FAME made me realize how math and science are closely related with engineering."

Several years ago, we shared news from St. Anne's alumni parent Joy Jordan Williams that her daughter, Sydney Williams '15, now a junior at St. Andrew's, had won FAME's English award.  Although Sydney is no longer in the program, when contacted recently, Joy had this to say about it:  "I liked FAME because it was very positive.  They were constantly encouraging the students no matter what and telling them 'You can do anything.'"

Joy added some details about Sydney's award: "In Sydney's last year with FAME, the project was in robotics.  Sydney wrote the scientific plan.  She said 'It's just like writing a biology plan for Ms. Standora (Mrs. Wolinski).'  That paper got her the English Award because the paper was so well written.  The other students in FAME had never seen this type of report before."  

We applaud all of our students and alumni who have been involved in the FAME program; your passions, talents, and inquiring minds inspire us all!    


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