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St. Anne's Students and Alumni experience FAME
Posted 09/22/2017 11:30AM

The Forum to Advance Minorities in Engineering or FAME was founded 40 years ago by the DuPont company with the mission of addressing the lack of women and minorities in STEM professions.  Last summer, four St. Anne's students and four alumni participated in FAME, one of our nation's first nonprofit STEM organizations.  The six week summer program, held at a Wilmington high school with a satellite program for the oldest participants at the University of Delaware, uses project-based learning to motivate students to pursue and succeed in STEM.

"Decide on something you want to improve" was this year's project.  Students worked in groups that redesigned erasers, cell phone covers, made ball molds, created conveniences for the disabled, and much more.  

Four of our current middle school students, Alonzo '21, Shiloh '21, Jamison '19, and Jordan '19, spent over 220 hours of their summer in intensive, advanced STEM instruction.  

Hats off to Jordan, who won the 7th Grade FAME awards for Math, Science Lab, and Technology. Jordan also won the 7th Grade award for Most Outstanding Student!

Parents commented that the program opened their children's eyes to the many possibilities with STEM.  In addition to areas of study, FAME is also an opportunity to meet and collaborate with students from across the state, with diverse programs.

We asked our students for their thoughts on the program:

"I liked science lab because we learned about the brain, parts of the brain, how it affects your body, and what you can do to make it stronger.  That was pretty interesting." -Jordan '19


"I didn't know anyone when I walked in, and I made new friends."  -Shiloh '21


"Working with Tinkercad was interesting."  -Alonzo '21


"I was in a team with two other people; we created an eraser ring to fit on your finger.  It was very good, very successful."  - Jamison -19  


"...I was thinking about (being) a doctor, and once we had science classes, I started thinking about what I could do with the brain and parts of the body. So what I learned this summer made me really interested in that" -Jordan -'19


St. Anne's Alumni have also been very involved in the FAME program; the second part of this series will have a look at their experiences.  

We congratulate all FAME students and anticipate bright futures for them!  

211 Silver Lake Rd, Middletown, DE 19709
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