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Kelso the Frog hops into Ms. Swift's class!
Posted 09/08/2017 03:06PM

The boys and girls were so excited when school started to greet Kelso the Frog, as he hopped into Ms. Swift's Pre-K class to meet them!  With the help of Kelso, students are learning to be good friends who work together as a team.  

Kelso the Frog in Pre-K

Throughout the year, Kelso is teaching them strategies that they can use to solve or avoid small problems with their friends when they arise.  One morning in September, students and Ms. Swift talked about a big word: strategy, and how this is another word for making a plan.  Then, Kelso introduced the first strategy by talking to them about the importance of "Sharing and Taking Turns" with their friends. A highlight was petting Kelso, as he croaked a friendly "hello" to each of them!  After meeting Kelso and talking about our new strategy, students learned a "Hopping Frogs" game that reinforces the concepts of numeral recognition counting with one to one correspondence (or touch and count) and worked on a Kelso art project.  By the end of the day, their Kelsos will be hopping above our cubbies!

Kelso's Choice is a program that is used in our early childhood program at St. Anne's to effectively teach young children conflict resolution skills and self-advocacy.

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