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Views of the Week 6/7/17
Posted 06/07/2017 06:00AM

Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten had their last morning devotions together last Friday. For the first time, they met outside.  Chaplain Hanna engaged them in discussion, asking "What didn't you know at the start of the year?" and then "What do you know now?"  Many hands went up as children said they had learned math and how to read.  Children also raised their hands to say things like "I learned how to share," "I learned how to use my words to solve problems," and "I learned how to be a good friend."  Chaplain Hanna invited the children to think of themselves as teachers as well as learners and asked them to be the teachers when they are out in the world with friends who haven't learned these life lessons yet.  

 Our Kindergarteners have enjoyed studying bluebirds on campus this spring!  Last week they recorded their observations in their bluebird journals in our outdoor classroom.  
Mrs. Boyer shared that the 3rd Grade is finishing Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.   Eleven students squeezed under six desks to simulate the Jews hiding from the Nazis below deck in a damp, cramped, smelly space beneath the floor boards of a fishing vessel in their escape to Sweden. They realized the potential problems and risks associated with this scary situation. It was quite powerful!
Sixth Grade students worked hard in teams to create scrumptious sculptures! Students and faculty were invited to vote on which team's cake presented the most cohesive vision based on their inspirational painting. Here, the first graders are deciding which cake will get their vote.  The competition was very tight; Cake #1, Claude Monet Water Lilies created by Farah El-Jazzar and Niha Mukkamala, won by one vote!  
We loved our storybook characters parade!  First graders dressed as their favorite book character and had a parade through the school.  Our 5th and 6th grade students enjoyed seeing the youngsters dressed as their favorite character and shared warm memories that flooded back for them based on their own experiences.
 The last week of school is also a big time for field trips.  Fifth grade had their first overnight - at the Children's Beach House.  Our students helped to get the facility ready for the campers that will be arriving there in a few short weeks. 
 Sixth grade visited the aquarium in Baltimore, came back to spend the night at school, and then went out on the Chesapeake Bay from St. Michael's the next day with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  They are collecting water samples here.  
 Seventh grade saw many sights in Philadelphia...
 While 8th Grade visited Washington DC.  
All students were back on campus by Wednesday, one of the fullest days of the school year for us.  Our fourth grade Moving Up experience starts with a small ceremony for the families of our fourth graders held in the gym.  Each student presented Google Slides about themselves telling us who they think they are, who their friends say they are, what they will miss about Lower School (the playground, the teachers, their PreK buddies, and Race Across America were often mentioned), and what they are looking forward to in Middle School (electives, not having to walk in a line, the talent show, new teachers, and using the microwave are anticipated favorably by many).  After reading a litany of thanksgiving, the 4th graders ran through the Lower School Honor Guard and were welcomed to the Middle School! 
 Today was our last day with our friends in Preschool, PreK, and Kindergarten!  They enjoyed their own Field Day in the morning.  
 In the afternoon, 1st - 8th Grade held their Field Day.  We are thankful to Mrs. Trabaudo and Mr. Hester for organizing this event, and to all of faculty, parents and alumni who helped us to run it!  Congratulations to the Blue Team for winning; congratulations to all for playing hard and for good sportsmanship.   
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