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1st - 8th Grade Field Day
Posted 05/04/2018 01:05PM

Banner Field Day

Students are getting excited for the warm weather, end of the year celebrations, and of course, Field Day!   After many years of Field Day at St. Anne's, we have decided to make some changes that we hope will make Field Day an even more enjoyable and memorable event for all students.  

Some of our exciting changes include the hiring of a DJ (St. Anne's alum, Ethan Bloomfield) and a new station led by the Parisi Speed School (adapted to all ages).  We are also giving our "connections" buddies one last time to connect for the 2017-2018 year with banner creation prior field day and eating ice pops that day.

One of our other changes is a transition away from the  "green vs. blue" structure. After listening to multiple years of feedback from students, teachers, and families and after careful thought and consideration, we have opted to roll out a "coopetition" model (cooperation + competition = coopetition) as opposed to placing the emphasis squarely on the color team competition.   There are many opportunities for competing at St. Anne's through interscholastic athletics, math league, spelling bee, geography bee, etc. We feel that the coopetition structure in the last days of school, after a year of bonding with classmates, will lead to a better experience across all grade levels as we head into the summer vacation.  We hope that the 8th grade students, as models for the rest of the school, will wear their self-designed class of 2018 shirts as a sign of unity before they embark on their high school adventures.

Please note that while there is no longer a "green vs. blue" structure for this year, there will still be several of the same activities that the students have known and loved from previous field days.  Several favorites include the 80-foot obstacle course, inflatable basketball, and yes, the 8th-grade tug of war to wrap up the event. If you wish to help as a volunteer, please email or to let us know.  

Please enjoy the video below from some of our students regarding Field Day and we hope you will join us on Wednesday, June 6th at 1pm for a great event!





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