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Singapore Math: Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract
Posted 08/02/2018 07:20AM

First Grader's Learn Math with Real World Applications

Melissa Meier, First Grade teacher, recently shared pictures and explained how First Grade uses Singapore Math's CPA approach (concrete, pictorial, and abstract) when working through new math concepts:


First, we modeled with actual items to help the lesson come to life (by using cupcakes).  

The students were asked the different ways we could sort the cupcakes.  This represented the two parts of number bond and allowed the students to see easily how the two parts added together made the whole.


Then we moved to pictorial representation with pictures of the objects (using paper plates and pictures).  We had the students use pictures of cupcakes and gave students hands-on exploration of sorting cupcakes differently into two parts.

Lastly, students modeled with cubes and recorded in a number bond.

One student decided how many cubes to place on the parts and his/her partner wrote the numbers that represented the parts and the whole.


And of course, the wrap up included eating the "concrete" aids from the start of the lesson - yummy cupcakes!  


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