Arts & Activities

St. Anne’s believes that artistic, social, and interdisciplinary opportunities are essential to each student’s education.  We also find that weaving a healthy dose of fun and hands-on experiences  with appropriate expectations into each day helps students to develop a lifelong passion for learning.

Our arts curriculum and school activities ensure that our students have ample opportunities to discover and develop their passions. We teach the visual arts and music education consistently across all grades. Performing in front of an audience begins in Preschool and evolves with school concerts, chapel presentations, skits and the Middle School play. 

Through age appropriate activities, service projects, and increasing responsibilities, we instill in our students an understanding of their potential for good in the world. By the time they reach Middle School, our budding leaders have many choices available and are ready for student government, electives, and interscholastic club competitions and sports.

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Our students come from 3 states and 6 counties in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

We provide transportation with our own buses and vans with drivers employed by St. Anne's


211 Silver Lake Rd, Middletown, DE 19709
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