An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

The Red Door Legacy Society

The Rev. Louise Howlett and her husband Lindsay Brown were raising their family and working across the street at St. Andrew’s School when the idea of St. Anne’s Episcopal School was born. “We were excited about a school connecting us with the wider community, and offering a faith-based, open-hearted, open-minded education to our children and others,” explains Louise. “When St. Anne’s opened its doors, I was honored to be hired as the founding chaplain and religion teacher, and our boys started with me in 1st and 4th grade.”

Louise and Lindsay’s involvement with St. Anne’s has spanned many years, though they have recently left the Middletown area. Louise worked as chaplain, teacher, diversity and service learning coordinator for more than nine years and then returned to St. Anne’s as a part-time consulting counselor after she received her family counseling degree in 2013. Lindsay served on the St. Anne’s Board of Trustees for 3 years from 2013 to 2016. Their boys, Forrest and Malcolm, graduated from St. Anne’s in 2007 and 2010, respectively and went on to have great academic careers in high school and university. Forrest Brown is currently a member of the St. Anne’s Board Trustees. 

“St. Anne’s mission is a great match for what gives our lives joy and meaning,” shared Louise. “We have all felt thankful for the sense of community, caring, creativity, and commitment to lifelong learning at St. Anne’s. As a minister and family therapist, I care about supporting people, nurturing relationships, and building communities which help us experience love and connection to one another and God’s creation. My husband is a teacher and coach and cares deeply about young people learning and growing in ways that serve the world.”

Both Louise and Lindsay have been generous with their time, talent and treasure. “We have made a commitment to support financially whatever we pray for in thanks or concern, and St. Anne’s is at the top of our yearly giving list,” they shared. “We know every dollar makes a difference and we can have full confidence that St. Anne’s manages our money well and puts it to uses we can be proud of. We hope we can particularly support financial aid so that any family who wishes to be part of St. Anne’s can be helped to do so, no matter their means. We especially hope that students from a wide variety of backgrounds will be able to attend St. Anne’s.”

The couple hopes others can feel motivated and encouraged to share their blessings with others every day and that is why they have included St. Anne’s in their estate plans. “We have been blessed in our lives with wonderful educations and supportive communities. We would like to share that blessing with others. We want to leave a legacy of hope and promise for others. And of course, ‘you can’t take it with you!’ so why not share it?

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