Friends of the Heron 11-8-18

Learning in an array of classrooms

7th grade science pond water experiment
Preschool Einsteins Playground
7th Grade pond water experiment
Outdoor poetry writing
Outdoor Math with 8th Grade
Outdoor poetry 2nd Grade

Autumn walk to Old St. Anne's and more...

2nd graders study the White Oak at Old St. Anne's
5th Grade students complete robotics programming
Image of Kindergarten girls completing a puzzle
Image of Mrs. Hushions 4th grade
Image of PreK boys in table top activity
3rd grader works on topographic map of West Virginia at St. Anne's
Image of student in Art Elective
Image of Mr. Ryan's Advisory Group
Finding Different Ways to Connect to God


In chapel students passing the peace

At our Meeting for Worship, the third graders share their joy as they 'pass the peace' with their classmates.

An important part of the Episcopal school tradition is weekly or in some schools, daily chapel. The purpose of chapel is to set intentions for our life together, connect to God, and be together as a community. Another important part of the Episcopal school tradition is the way we value diversity. A fellow chaplain once said that we are really not Episcopal school chaplains; we are multi-faith chaplains because our students come from different ways of connecting to God.

Our founding Head of School, Harvey Zendt, came from the Quaker tradition and brought with him Meeting for Worship. Quakers believe that each of us has the light of God within ourselves. By entering into silence and reflection, we give ourselves the chance to listen to the light. Sometimes the light compels us to speak. Meeting for Worship provides that opportunity for us to enter into the silence and listen and perhaps share what the light is saying.

On October 18th, the 2nd-8th grade journeyed to Old St. Anne’s Church, a colonial church a short 15 minute walk away from our school. We entered the silence after a song from Mrs. DeLong, Come and Find the Quiet Center, and a scripture reading. Here are some of the student reflections that came out of the silence:

  • I’m grateful for my sister
  • I hope we have a good rest of the school year.
  • I wish for world peace everywhere out there
  • I’m thankful for my cat
  • I’m thankful for my school
  • I want to pray for all the people who have had accidents and been hurt by Hurricane Michael
  • I believe in friendship
  • I am thankful for friends and family
  • I pray for people who aren’t as privileged as we are that their lives get better.  
  • I am thankful for my family
  • I pray for my aunt who is going to work in the hospital, and that all the nurses and doctors were able to help the patients  
  • I am thankful for my little brother
  • I am thankful for my great great grandfather
  • I am thankful for my parents
  • I am thankful for this school and everyone in it
  • I am thankful for the doctors and the nurses who took care of me.
  • I am thankful for the world
  • I am thankful for my puppy
  • I am thankful for 8th graders and hope they have a good last year at St. Anne’s and a good start in high school (from a 4th Grader)
  • I am thankful for my sports
  • I am thankful for this meditation
  • I am thankful for Julia- Pray that Julia is well soon.

It is truly a joy to be in the midst of this thoughtful and compassionate community.  Parents, grandparents, and special friends of St. Anne’s students are welcome to join us for chapel on Thursdays; please check our school calendar and plan to join us!

Join Us for the Next Diversity and Inclusion Chat
Diversity and Inclusion Chat



You are invited to attend the next Diversity and Inclusion meeting. We had a very productive initial chat at Starbucks last month and we're keeping the conversation going. Please join Peter, Jill, and Amy to discuss topics that are prevalent as we are committed to ensuring our school community and climate are inclusive. Let your voice be heard; we love to hear your input and ideas! All are welcome to attend.

What:  Parent Diversity and Inclusion Chat

When: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 8:15am

Where: St. Anne's Library

Service Learning: Our First Blessing Bag Drive - Items needed by 11/15!


blessing Bag Drive

The Chapel Council (a middle school leadership group that helps guide and lead the Chapel program) is planning and executing our first all school “food” drive for the year. They have decided to collect items that will be used to construct “Blessing” or “Go” bags. These are one gallon plastic bags that contain things that are helpful to those who are home insecure.  We hope that every student will be able to experience the joy of giving by contributing to this drive.

Students are invited to bring donated items to their homerooms from November 5th - 15th.   

After the items are collected, various groups and classes at St. Anne’s will have an opportunity to put together the bags and add encouraging notes. The bags will then be distributed to local organizations who work directly with this population.  We are working with Bill Perkins of Friendship House to find opportunities for students who are interested to distribute the bags themselves in a safe, controlled environment at a future date.

Each grade level has been assigned  specific items to donate:  

Preschool Gallon Bags (the zipper kind)
PreKindergarten Bandaids and combs
Kindergarten Granola bars/protein bars
1st Grade Individual oatmeal packages/individual raisin packages
2nd Grade Tuna/crackers, chicken/crackers, peanut butter/crackers (small individual packages)
3rd Grade Toothbrushes/toothpaste/floss (travel size)
4th Grade Shampoo/conditioner/soap (travel size)
5th Grade Apple sauce , cheese and crackers (individual servings)
6th Grade 8 oz Bottled water/Individual packets of instant coffee/Tea bags
7th Grade Deodorant / chapstick / baby wipes (travel size)
8th Grade Beef Jerky (individually wrapped) / protein bars


You are cordially invited to our Thanksgiving In-Gathering Chapel at 9:45am on November 15th when we conclude our Fall Food Drive and bless your donations.  Mr. Perkins will be our guest speaker. We hope to see you there!

Ways to Raise - Support SAPA!

At St. Anne’s we have a number of ways we can raise money for our ongoing parent association (SAPA) events without going out of our way. No selling candy or knocking on doors.

Here’s how!



It’s likely that the majority of us frequent Amazon. We have an opportunity to easily earn back a percentage of our purchase amount via Amazon Smile. Follow these easy steps noted above and the next time you go to buy on Amazon, SAPA will receive proceeds from your purchase!



•You need your 12-digit GIANT CARD number found on the back of the card

•Beginning AUGUST 3, 2018 visit click on SIGN IN, MANAGE MY ACCOUNT, SAVINGS & REWARDS, to log on to your online account or click REGISTER to create your on-line account. Once you are logged in to your account, you can select our school for A+ Rewards.

•If you have a GIANT CARD but do not know your 12-digit GIANT CARD number, call the GIANT CARD HOTLINE at 1-877-366-2668 and select Option #1. The representatives will be able to provide you your GIANT CARD number.



Many of our families shop at Land's End, whether it be for uniforms or other needs.

Regardless of what you’re shopping for, if you enter our school number indicated above (900074451), SAPA will receive proceeds from your purchase!


And our biggest opportunity to earn is with SCRIP!

Shop hundreds of stores with gift cards (physical or electronic) and SAPA receives a percentage of the value of the gift card! If you’re out to eat, when you receive your bill, you can go online on your phone, purchase a gift card to that restaurant in the amount needed for you to pay that bill and SAPA will instantly earn from that purchase. The same applies at retail stores like Target, Old Navy, Walmart, the list goes on and on!

It’s EASY...and kind of FUN!

Instructions to sign-up are below and you can click on the flyer to go to the

Shop with Scrip website!

Any questions can be directed to Heather Longard