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2-12-19 Friends of the Heron

Preschool Performs at Peace and Justice Chapel

Alumni Reunion December 2018

December Alumni Reunion
Alumni Reunion December 2018
Alumni Reunion December 2018
Alumni Reunion December 2018
Alumni Reunion December 2018
Alumni Reunion December 2018
St. Anne's Alumni Reunion December 2018
St. Anne's Alumni Reunion December 2018
St. Anne's Alumni Reunion December 2018

Learning at St. Anne's...

2nd grader studies for solar system

Inside and Out of Doors

Four Square

Our Middle School boys did not let a little snow get in their way of a game of four square. 

Our teachers outside for recess with their students during last Friday's snow storm.

In 8th Grade STEM, students made observations and comparing/contrasting different types of fossils.

In 8th Grade STEM, students made observations and comparing/contrasting different types of fossils.

Lower School snowy recess.


The 8th grade is devoted to "love is an action verb" for the month of February and will actively be showing acts of kindness for each school day.

ILC Visits 2nd Grade
A Lesson from our Youngest Learners
Ms. Kalloo Leading the MLK Chapel

Tradition is an important part of being an Episcopal school, and our Peace and Justice Chapel to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is an important one at St. Anne’s.   An annual tradition dating from our earliest years, it is fitting that this all school chapel is led by some of our youngest learners.  With the simple clarity the very young possess, they remind us that peace is both simple and central to our lives.   

This service begins with the entire school lining our hallways in silence, waiting for the sound of Kindergarten teacher Kari Kalloo’s drum.  When the drumbeat starts to echo down the hall, heads crane in that direction to get a glimpse of our young marchers as they come into sight.  Kindergarteners parade past “the big kids,” holding their peace signs high as they lead the way into the gym for our all school chapel service while their elders fall into line behind them.  

Kindergartners carrying peace signs to honor Dr. King as part of the Peace & Justice Chapel

When we started our Preschool several years ago, preschool teacher Missy Derabertis asked for a role for preschoolers in the service, and we added the “Martin Luther King BINGO” song performed by our youngest students. (How many of us can say we were singing to 300 people at age three?)

First graders share Dr. King’s story in this chapel, each reading a short part of it.  No matter how many times we hear his story, most hear something new each time it is shared. 

First grade prepares to share about of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at St. Anne's all-school Chapel

In her homily, Chaplain Hanna asked students to guess what word stood out for her this year in hearing Dr. King’s story.  Children guessed “peace,” “service,” and other important messages in the life of Dr. King until one child said the word that had popped into Mrs. Hanna's head: DREAM. Chaplain Hanna invited us all to think about his dream, and what that might look like.  Then she shared her own dream:

My dream is that Dr. King would be able to walk into our school and say, “My dream has come true” here at St. Anne’s.  

Our Peace and Justice Chapel to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. is very profound, every year.  We are inspired by our youngest learners who remind us of Dr. King’s life, what he believed, and that his dream is within our reach if we continue to strive to attain it.

-Jenny Randolph

Head of School for the Day
Head of School for the Day

On Thursday fourth grader Hunter Skelton and Head of School Peter Thayer traded places for the day, fulfilling the gift of being “Head of School for a Day" won in our 2017 live auction. The trade was great fun and educational for both parties.

Hunter was provided with an official ID Badge for the day and had a very full day from serving as a front door greeter in the rain to guiding children to the buses.  In between those events, he met with administrators and teachers in the building, observed classes in both divisions, and during the all school chapel made a preciously authentic declaration:  “This is a little nerve-wracking… (deep breath) ...On my behalf, I declare … a dress down day for tomorrow!” His pronouncement was met with uproarious applause, except from the early childhood students who dress down every day.  When asked about his day, Hunter said, “I really liked being Head of School. It was a phenomenal experience….I liked walking around the school and having meetings and giving my ideas... I also liked going to the teachers’ lounge and eating cookies.”

Student Head of School for the Day serves as morning greeter

Mr. Thayer had a wonderful day as well in the role of a 4th grade student.  He was able to brush up on his Singapore math skills and journal about them, learn about the difference between revising and editing, hear more about Westward Expansion and the Trail of Tears, and reaffirm that we have great teachers and kids at St. Anne’s.  He also met with his PreK buddy, created a color wheel in art, and played the recorder in music class (first time since 3rd grade, he reports). It was a great day.

Love is an Action Verb
8th graders share ideas for ways to show kindness on white board

The 8th grade is devoted to "love is an action verb" for the month of February and will actively be showing acts of kindness for each school day. 

The Dalai Lama writes, "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." Inspired by this quotation, 8th grade students in both homerooms have generated a list of acts of kindness they hope to perform including but not limited to writing notes expressing their peers' strengths and celebrating each others' successes, writing notes of appreciation to teachers and staff, creating a kindness chain, attention to "self love," helping each other study, verbally giving sincere compliments throughout the day, volunteering to help their peers and teachers, taking better care of their school environment, writing letters of love to their parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.

The 8th graders' focus on the idea of being servant leaders this month is just one way they can focus on serving with compassion.  

We are proud of the character development of every student at St. Anne’s!  

-Cristina Bromley
7th & 8th grade L.A. Teacher, 8th-grade advisor

Congratulations to Charlotte Bjorklund ‘21
Image of St. Anne's student winning the 6th grade Peace Poster competition, Lions Club District 22D

The Lions Club Peace Poster program is an annual worldwide competition, and this year there were approximately 600,000 entries from around the globe.  In our area, there are 36 Lions Clubs with 1300 members, all of whom promoted this competition to their constituencies.  

Once again this year, St. Anne’s art teacher Amy Sherman encouraged sixth graders to conceive and create a piece of art to submit.  Finalists were judged by area artist Sara Jones, a graduate of the Delaware College of Art and the Rhode Island School of Design.

We are so proud of St. Anne’s sixth grader Charlotte Bjorklund, who was named the winner of the District 22D Lions Club peace poster contest!  Below, Charlotte explains the meaning of her work of art:

"My poster is based on happiness. The heart shaped earth represents love and kindness. The world is without any crime, bullying, or racism. The hands represent diversity and the different people of the world. The rainbow in the background represents happiness. The sun shining down from the corner is approving it, saying “This is right, this is how it should be.”  

-Charlotte Bjorklund ‘21

Image of the winning Lion's Club District 22D, created by a St. Anne's Episcopal School student


Make your student’s yearbook extra special!
Image of students signing yearbook

Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for parents, families, and friends to commemorate student achievements and important milestones.  “Yearbook signing” is an end of year tradition at St. Anne’s, and students are always excited to find a special message from their parents, grandparents, and special friends!

We have once again selected Jostens to produce our yearbooks.  Your recognition ad must be placed online and will be a 1/8 page color message.  Cost: $40   

It's easy! Create your ad online at or
download the ReplayIt app.

1. Choose your ad size and layout.

2. Enter your text and upload your photos.

All ad orders must be placed by 2/16/2019

Click here for more information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions, or call Jostens' customer service (800-358-0800).

Thank you!
- St. Anne’s Yearbook Committee