An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

New Learning Space For Music

If you have participated in a St. Anne's Christmas or Spring Concert you can attest to the quality of our music program.

Both our Lower School Music/Chorus teacher and our Middle School Music/Instrumental Teacher are inspiring instructors (as well as skilled musicians and performers in their own right), and our students discover the joy of music with their guidance and support.  The teaching space allotted for Middle School music, however, does not do justice to this program.

Our Middle School instrumental and general music program resides in a modular unit separated from our main building. Its physical separation from the building shortens teaching and practice time. 

With your help, we will turn an existing portico at the end of the middle school wing into an interior classroom designed for music instruction. It will have improved acoustic design, soundproofing, and instrumental storage space.

Bringing Middle School music into the main building will integrate the program as well as increase learning time, comfort, and safety. If funds permit, we will also purchase new instruments, sheet music, tablets, and software for playback recording.  These changes will allow our already great program to become even better in a space specifically designed for students to discover and develop their passion for music.