An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Expanded After School Activities

After School programs at St. Anne's support the majority of our students at some level, and there is great potential to offer more opportunities during this critical time of the day.  With your help we can add more educational clubs, invest in after school materials, and expand the ability of our faculty to offer engaging after school experiences for our students.   

Some families need support after school only when something unexpected happens, others use after school care occasionally, while still others depend on it every single day.  Our families know that our After School Extended Care (EC) Program is a safe, supervised environment where children can relax, play, socialize, and (for older students) get their homework done.  Clubs, introduced this year, such as Spanish, Crafting, Yoga, and other offerings have been well received to date.  

And yet, many members of our community are telling us that our After School Program is capable of much more.  It can be a learning opportunity that complements what is happening in the classroom.  It can be a time for children to practice, play, or experiment with activities of particular interest to them.  It could be an introduction to a new hobby, an undiscovered passion, or a new group of friends.  

We propose to invest in more time for our faculty and community members to organize, plan, and offer additional great clubs and learning opportunities.  Wouldn't it be wonderful for students and faculty to work together to create clubs that excite them in areas like STEM, Art, Nature, or Digital Media?  

We propose to invest in the tools and learning materials available after school.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had more imaginative play toys for young children, Legos, art supplies, and outdoor play equipment?  Wouldn't it be terrific if there were new Chromebooks, storage, and wireless internet in the dining room so that older students could get all of their homework done during after school hours?  

We envision an after school experience that does much more than fulfill the childcare needs of our families during these hours.  With your help, we will build an enriching after school program that offers a robust array of activities to grow the mind and enhance the social development for children of all ages at St. Anne's.