Special Friends Day 2017
special friends day
Special Friends Day
Grandparents Day

Give to Grow in Heart, Mind, and Spirit

As you walk through our double red doors, you immediately get a sense of the “St. Anne's Way,” a warm, welcoming community that is a great place for children to learn.

When you visit our classrooms, dining room and gym, you quickly realize that each child is known, loved, challenged and inspired for the future.

“The St. Anne's Way” also means supporting the school financially to benefit our kids both now and into the future. Our most critical fundraising effort is the Heart, Mind & Spirit Annual Fund.

The Heart, Mind & Spirit Fund provides money for the school’s daily needs, and gives us the ability to say “yes!” to new opportunities for students.

Did you know that most students will spend more time at St. Anne’s than they will in high school or college?  These are the critical years when children develop the skills and character that leads to lifelong learning and success.

Thank you for making this possible with your gift of support!


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