An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

2024-2025 Health Policies

Stay Home When Sick: We kindly request that if your child is feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of illness, please keep them at home. This will help limit transmission of illness to others and allow students to recover. This includes disruptive coughing, persistent runny noses, sore throats, upset stomachs, and others.

24 Hours Fever and Vomit Free: We have a 24 hour policy for return after any episode of vomiting or fever. Please do not return to school until 24 hours have passed without the use of medication.

Extended Absence: The school should be notified any day a student is absent. If absent for 3 days of longer, a doctor’s note may be required to return. Please notify the Health Office if your child is out for a medical reason longer then 2 days.

Communication: Parents will be notified via phone call, email, or in person regarding all Health Office visits that go beyond the scope of basic first aid.  This would include head bumps, medications being given, injury resulting in a bruise or worse, and any illness that results in multiple Health Office visits.  

Medications: All medications should be delivered to the Health Office by parent/guardian and the Prescription Medication Form should be signed by both parent and Health Office.  This includes daily medications and emergency medications (epipens, inhalers, etc).

Students sent home: If a student is sent home by the Health Office, parents will be called and asked to pick up the student within a reasonable amount of time. This helps limit contagions from spreading and preventing illness transmission to others.

Updated medical forms:  Please submit any updated medical forms throughout the school year as children have annual physicals and well visits.  This helps keep their medical file up to date.