An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Diversity & Inclusion

St. Anne’s is committed to nurturing a learning community that is free from intolerance and prejudice.

We seek to witness to the splendor of God’s creation and to honor the dignity of the individual human spirit by including faculty, students, administrators, staff, and trustees from diverse cultural, racial, religious, family and economic backgrounds in our community. The rich diversities of people and the many perspectives they bring serve to enhance the quality of educational experiences at our school. An active diversity committee including teachers, parents and board members meets regularly.


We believe that including people with diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences enriches our community, makes our learning environment more intellectually stimulating, and helps children learn the crucial skill of working productively with people different from themselves.

We aspire to create a community in which diversity thrives.

A goal we seek to achieve through our classroom programs, admissions, hiring, and board recruitment practices, our student and adult diversity committees, and our academic studies.

Together we seek to foster a community.

A community that is sensitive to issues of social justice, mindful of the experiences people of diverse backgrounds have in our school, and active in its pursuit of equity and justice within our school community, as well as beyond our campus borders.

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Two Main Components to the Foundation of DEI

The two main components to the foundation of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program are Love and Education. 

Lead with Love

Everything we do at St. Anne's comes from a place of love. We believe that if the members of our community and our students feel loved, seen for who they really are, and are known they will have a better foundation to learn and grow upon. We want our students to know that St. Anne's is a safe place where they can truly be themselves. 

Our belief is if the seeds are planted early, students will grow to know how to treat others, practice selflessness, and be more likely to go into the world and do good.

Grow with Education

Here at St. Anne's we value top level education in all areas. Getting to know ourselves and our identities is a main priority with our DEI program. This self awareness is the foundation that our compounding knowledge and experience absorbed through learning can build upon.  

For more information on how we integrate DEI into our school culture and curriculum watch our webinar here.