An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Connections Preschool to Grade 8

At St. Anne’s, fostering connections across grade levels is a cherished tradition. Each Lower School student is paired with one or more Middle School “buddies” in our popular Connections program. Together, they engage in activities like sharing books, crafting, and playing games both indoors and outdoors.

These bonds transcend mere activities; younger students eagerly support their middle school buddies at events like the Science Fair and cheer them on at faculty-student basketball games. Beyond scheduled activities, these relationships flourish during Extended Care and beyond.

The true essence of this program lies in its transformative impact: older students embrace their roles as positive role models, while younger students discover their place in the caring community of St. Anne’s. Many reflect on their personal growth, from learning patience through their interactions with older buddies to eventually stepping into the role of mentor themselves. This reciprocal journey highlights the program's profound influence on fostering empathy and leadership among students of all ages.

Caring for others is emphasized throughout our time at St. Anne’s, starting in Connections. It is this legacy of setting a good example that makes St. Anne’s the wonderful place that it is. Compassion is passed from buddy to buddy.”

-Jack Hutchinson, St. Anne’s Class of 2013