An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8

Music Education

Incorporating the music pedagogy of Kodaly, Orff, and Dalcroze; the Lower School music program focuses on students actively participating through singing, playing classroom instruments, moving, and directed-listening activities.  As students progress, they begin to learn standard music notation. In third grade, students are introduced to the soprano recorder which gives them the opportunity to apply their ability to read the pitches and rhythms on the staff.  Students continue with recorder in fourth grade.  

When they reach Middle School, all students attend instrumental classes and study music theory for the first two years. Middle Schoolers are given the choice between pursuing chorus, instrumental studies, or both through eighth grade.

Our Middle School program encourages students to learn to play an instrument of their choice, read music, and learn music theory. Instruction time is grouped by instrument with the goal of coming together for concert performances. Students are encouraged to rent their own instruments so that they can practice at home. St. Anne’s has a limited number of instruments for use at school.

The culmination of our students’ efforts is on display at our annual Spring Concert and Christmas Concert when parents are invited to share their joy. Our students are often amazed by the feats they accomplish by working together to bring these concerts to life!

We are very proud of the musical feats of our graduates who have found success beyond St. Anne's. The first violinists for the Delaware Honors Orchestra (formerly known as All-State) from 2011-14, have included St. Anne’s alumni Aaron Chang, Class of 2010 and Courtney Chang, Class of 2008.