We Remember You

For the early contributions you made to establish

a community of respect, responsibility, and compassion.


A special message from Devin Duprey '06


St. Anne's has set some ambitious goals to improve the educational experience for its students, including:


  • More funding for scholarships

  • New curriculum and teacher training

  • Also included is a plan to get rid of the old music box and move the music room into the main building.  You all remember the old music box behind the four square courts, right? Maybe that’s where you learned to read music or practiced with your first band before an open mic.


To complete all of these initiatives, St. Anne's will need to raise $2.3 million dollars.  That's a lot of money, but the great news is that  amazing gifts from St. Anne's trustees, current families, charitable foundations, and other generous donors have already raised over $1.9M!  Now, our school is turning to us.


Won't you consider a small monthly donation for 12 months?


Think about what you spend at Starbucks... or on Netflix or Spotify.  Your monthly pledge will go a long way toward helping St. Anne's achieve its goals.



Thank you!