Secondary School Placement

Great preparatory schools get measured not just by where the students attend after graduation but how well they do when they get there and beyond. We are proud of how our students do when they leave us. The process that helps them find a good match for high school is an important part of the journey for our young people.



7th Grade

Our middle schoolers and their parents are invited each spring to connect with admissions officers from public, charter, independent day and boarding schools at the High School Fair. The seventh graders meet the next day with a school representative; this event helps students begin to become familiar with the process of applying to high school. The discussion includes topics such as what to expect at an Open House, how to make a good first impression when meeting with admission directors, the importance of providing details on applications, and what to look for on a "shadow day."  Parents of seventh graders meet with their child’s advisor prior to the high school fair to discuss the type of school they are interested in seeing their child attend for high school. 

8th Grade

In the fall of eighth grade, our middle school head gathers the class to provide an overview of the placement process and answer questions. To prepare for meeting with admission directors students are encouraged to meet with either their advisor or the middle school head for a mock admissions interview.

Each year our Head of School and Middle School Head meet with eighth grade parents in late September to review the process and answer any questions. Parents are invited to meet with either the Head of School or Middle School Head to discuss the various school choices. In early November, admission directors from local independent, public and charter schools participate in a panel at St. Anne's. This event for seventh and eighth grade students is intended to familiarize them with the various types of schools. Eighth grade students also meet with at least two of the admissions representatives in a small group setting.

Our students are encouraged to spend a day away from St. Anne's to visit the high school(s) to which they are applying. They are also encouraged to let us know about acceptances to schools and where they intend to matriculate for ninth grade. 


Jill Reilly, Assistant Head of School or (302) 378-3179 x314

Peter Thayer, Head of School or (302) 378-3179 x310

Danielle Cummins, Registrar or (302) 378-3179 x341