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A New Student's Insights Into Her Learning

Hayden Housey, Class of 2022

When I first started at St. Anne’s Episcopal School, I had quite a few worries. I was scared I wouldn't fit in, and that I wouldn’t know as much as my peers. I was especially worried when I was in Spanish class. I was only exposed to Spanish in a school setting very briefly in the past. Seeing how good my classmates were at speaking Spanish made me feel self-conscious. As the year goes on, these worries still exist but have started to fade, because I have already learned so much. All of my friends here have shown me that if you make a mistake, you just have to keep trying and never give up. It has always been a goal of mine to learn Spanish, as I would love to travel to more Spanish speaking countries. 

In our class, we have so many ways of learning which also helps me feel less anxious. We are introduced to different vocabulary and aspects of Spanish culture through different activities. At the end of every unit, our way of summing it up is by performing puppet shows. I really like this activity because we are using everything that we have learned to make a play with puppets. They are really fun because we are not only learning but also acting as if we were in a real-life situation communicating with someone else. We introduce ourselves, form sentences, and use new words to create the perfect play. Our teacher, Senora Caro is always willing to help along the way. She will put her lesson on hold for you and explain something more deeply using pictures, words, and sometimes even puppets. I am excited to learn about different cultures, speak so many new words, and to confidently communicate with others in Spanish. I still have so much to learn, and I can’t wait to continue my journey in the years to come at St. Anne’s Episcopal School. 

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