First Week of School Reflections from Ms. Reilly - Middle School Head
Jill Reilly, Middle School Head


Learning and leadership are indispensable to each other” 

John F. Kennedy

The Middle School is off to a terrific start with lots of warm reunions, budding friendships, smiling faces, lively conversations, passionate teachers, and enthusiastic students. It is clear from how well students have comported themselves this week, that they are aware of and ready for the responsibilities and leadership opportunities that the new school year brings. They also know that these new responsibilities and opportunities will require them to work hard, struggle productively, and apply effective effort to their studies, relationships, and personal growth. 

5th graders under the tree

Throughout the year, MS teachers will help students to sharpen academic skills, cultivate new understandings, enhance collaborative and cooperative skills, and broaden their experiences. The entire MS faculty - classroom teachers, advisors, and homeroom teachers - will get to know each student’s individual strengths as well as areas of potential growth, and then will use this knowledge to appropriately challenge each student, allowing teachers to meet each student where s/he is while also moving her/him to the next level of excellence. 

Come visit us and see what the MS is all about. Whether witnessing our students’ intellectual prowess in a language arts debate, uncovering multiple methods to solve a math problem, observing our excellent faculty at work with students, joining us outside for MS recess, or cheering on one of our after school MS Fall sports teams (boy’s soccer, girl’s field hockey, and co-ed cross country), we know you will see what we see… the inherent potential in every student and the thrill of knowing that anything is possible with a St. Anne’s education. A few calendar reminders:

  • New Family Reception - September 10

  • Middle School Trips - September 12-13

  • Middle School Back to School Night - September 26

  • All School Fall Fest - October 4