An independent school in Middletown, DE for students in Preschool through Grade 8


Lower School

The SAES Lower School Spanish Program is aligned to the ACTFL National Standards. Vocabulary, structure, and culture are introduced, revisited, reinforced and expanded throughout the continuum. Preschool and Kindergarten are the foundation of the program. Students are exposed to the sound and rhythm of the Spanish language, developing an awareness of the concept of language as a means of communication. The primary focus at these grade levels is to begin building a basic word bank, through hands-on activities, songs, games and stories, which will then be reinforced and grown in the following years of the program.

First and second grade builds upon the word bank introduced and developed in the younger levels, expanding on themes, as well as introducing rudimentary conversation patterns using emotions as a base. Cultural focus becomes stronger as students study in more detail countries in the Spanish speaking world. The main focus in the Lower School Spanish program is to make connections, learn and respect culture, and to celebrate what makes our world so "colorful" which is diversity. 

Middle School

Our Middle School Spanish program is a continuation of the Lower School program. The primary purpose of the program is to prepare students to successfully achieve the Spanish 1 level when they finish Middle School. At this level students will be able to communicate in Spanish and at the same time be aware of the cultural influences of the Spanish and Latino communities at home and abroad.

Our Spanish program prepares students for success both in and out of the classroom by helping them develop intercultural communication. It is based on the 5 World readiness standards for Learning Language (ACTFL Standards) which includes Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities. As part of the course, students have opportunities to read, write, listen, and speak Spanish while they work towards becoming linguistically and culturally literate.

The program leverages on the use of an integrated digital platform, specially built to support language learning. Through this platform, students have access to a digital version of their textbook. In addition to the textbook, students have access to a wide range of electronic resources such as complete practice activities, watch videos, listen to audio, take assessments, have live communication practice and more.