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January 15, 2021


From the Head of School's Office:

Good Day St. Anne’s Friends and Families,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for your compliance with our testing mandate. As we move forward, and in anticipation of the vaccine roll-out, we are asking all faculty, students and staff to get tested on a monthly basis. Starting the week of January 25th, all those with last names that begin with A-K should plan to be tested and submit their results. We will follow with last names that begin with L-Z to be tested during the week of February 8th. More information about this testing initiative and how it will be managed will be sent out early next week.  As this virus continues to morph, we must remain flexible if we are to keep our community safe. We will continue to make our entire community aware of any positive cases that occur in our community among students, faculty and staff.

There will be no school on Monday as we take time to recognize the life and deeds of an amazing American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the current climate I wonder, how would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. be perceived, and would we celebrate him with an annual holiday? I imagine he would be fighting for healthcare and advocating for voting rights for all as he understood that those with no voice are those who often need the most support. He would be a champion for the hungry and for fair housing for those without a place to live. He would be standing up for racial equality and in support of those imprisoned for nonviolent offenses. A man of great conviction, and someone who was arrested numerous times for his nonviolent protests, I wonder if he would continue to be both celebrated and vilified. 

 I wonder, would he be known by the color of his skin or the content of his character?

A true man of God, a brilliant orator, well dressed, well-educated and representing the hope of generations of people, he lived his own life. I was 10 years old when he was assassinated and I remember very clearly the tears streaming down my mother’s face. 

We cling to the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. because he gives us hope and helps us to find our better angels and strength in difficult times. He challenges us to be allies, advocates and upstanders for what is right. On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Holiday, I hope you will take time to reflect and do a deed or service, or maybe just lend a helping hand to someone who needs it, that is truly in his spirit.





Moments of the Week!

Scroll through the slideshow to see fantastic pics from this week of school!

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If you are very quiet, you may spy 6th graders conferring about division strategies!

If you are very quiet, you may spy 6th graders conferring about division strategies!

Kindergarten introduced the Letter 
“L” and learned about a new SuperKid, Lily Ping. 

Lily Ping loves her little lions.

“L” is for Lily.

These were created with natural “L” shaped limbs in our K-Camp!

With Preston Wright, our classmate who is in Distance Learning, and his mom, Dr. Wright reading to the class.

So glad we could connect in this way! Smiles all the way around!

Teddy Bear Drive

This year our first graders have connected with Kind to Kids, an organization for foster care children in Delaware. We are running a Teddy Bear Drive and are asking for your help in making this a success. Donations will be due on Monday, February 8th. We are trying to collect as many bears as possible and would like to set a goal of at least 100 bears!

Bears need to be transported to school in a sealed bag. If any distance learners would like to donate bears arrangements can be made  for a pick up at your house.

Thank you in advance for your support!! We are looking forward to making this a meaningful and memorable experience for all!

First page of the PDF file: TeddyBearDonationDriveFlyerStAnnesEpiscopalSchool2021

Reminder of Upcoming Days Off for Students!

Monday 1/18 - MLK Day - no school

Absent Reminder

It is important for our nurses to be notified if your student is going to be absent from school. Please remember to send an email stating your students name, reason for being absent, and symptoms (if applicable).


Virtual Chapels Every Wednesday!

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