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Yohanes Gray '14

St. Anne’s Summer Campers benefit from Yohanes Gray ‘14
Jenny Randolph

Congratulations to Yohanes Gray ‘14 who is attending Goucher College this fall and was a huge help at St. Anne’s Summer Camp this year. He took a few minutes to tell us what helped him decide which school to attend, and what he hopes to do in college. 

Yohanes Gray, St. Anne's Alumnus 2014, with St. Anne's Episcopal School Summer Campers

Yohanes Gray ‘14 recently graduated from The Gunston School and is looking forward to attending Goucher College this fall.   He took a few minutes to describe his plans and his experience with working at St. Anne’s Summer Camp.

I looked at nine or ten high schools and I picked Gunston because it was a very tight-knit community, just like St. Anne’s.  That played into my college decision.  I didn’t look at as many, maybe five or six, and the larger schools I knew were not right. They were overwhelming.  When we visited Goucher, again everyone was greeting me.  It was another example of the great sense of community, and I knew this was the one.

 I’m interested in business management, but I’m thinking about other options too, like pre-law and political science.  I’m also interested in sports management.  Goucher requires you to study abroad to graduate, and there are so many options.  I’m interested in going to Africa since I’m the only one in my family who hasn’t been yet.  It could be anywhere on the continent. 

I like being with the kids at St. Anne’s Summer Camp, no doubt.  They always put a smile on my face.  They fill the room with their energy; as tired as I may be, they are energizing. It’s great.  I learned how much they look up to me, and how much of an influence I can be.  They are always watching.  In a sense, they are trying to be like me. Whether it’s family or not, they really do look up to you.  When you tell them how old you are, their eyes get big.  It can be a lot of pressure, but it’s good. I try to be the best I can be with the kids.  

We wish you luck next year, Yohanes, and hope you add “educator” to your list of career possibilities!

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