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October 19, 2018

* I look forward eagerly...

image of student and teacher

“We hoped for a school that would challenge our son intellectually and balance academic growth with a sense of spirituality and community as well.  As the year's pass, St Anne's has exceeded on both. We have gone from ‘The school day is too long,’ to ‘Dad, in Second Grade I can start helping out in EC.’  I believe it is this sense of belonging and being part of a bigger whole that has allowed our little man to meet and even exceed our expectations of him at such a tender age.  I look forward eagerly to what else lies in store.” - Warren Go, Parent ‘26

We are wrapping up the first week of our 5-week Heart, Mind & Spirit campaign!

Because every family benefits from the Heart, Mind & Spirit fund, we ask every family to consider a pledge of support to this important campaign by November 16. 

Only about 76% of the cost of a St. Anne’s education is covered by tuition dollars each year.  The remaining 24% comes from the school’s endowment and gifts to Heart, Mind & Spirit.

The Heart, Mind & Spirit Fund allows us to say “yes” to great opportunities for our faculty and students. 

This year’s gifts to the Fund will:

  • Purchase new tools for learning outside, and create new spaces for outdoor education.
  • Empower our teachers through professional development and leadership opportunities.
  • Attract and support talented students who enrich the St. Anne’s experience for all.

The first donors to support this year’s campaign were our trustees, faculty members, and Heart, Mind & Spirit volunteers.  Now we are turning to you.  

All we need from you now is a pledge of support in order to count your participation.

The 5-week campaign ends on November 16, 2018. Please make your gift by completing your pledge form and returning it to school, or set up your donation online now by clicking on the button below:


I would like to make a gift online

Last year reached 72% participation!  Won’t you help us get to 100% this year?

We welcome your questions and interest in the Heart, Mind, and Spirit campaign!  Please contact Lisa Slinkard with your questions via email (lslinkard@stannesde.org) or telephone (302) 378-3179 x347 to learn more. 

Image of face painting, St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
Image of students, St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
Image of volley ball and bounce house, St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
Image of hay ride, St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
tractor rides at St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
Students and St. Anne's teacher in corn hole competition at St. Anne's Fall Fest
Image of students, St. Anne's Fall Fest 2018
Jenny Randolph

I want my students to be passionate about Spanish, and to realize that we are all citizens of the world.

As part of their studies in Spanish class during Latin Heritage month, Sra. Costales’ second graders enjoyed learning una morenada, a traditional Bolivian dance, called La Mariposa.  Sra Costales explains:

“In Second Grade we have been studying Bolivia, a country with a rich culture and history.  La Mariposa (The Butterfly) is an old folkloric song and la morenada is the dance tradition.  It is like the flight of a butterfly starting its circular flight and this ties into Second Grade’s study of butterflies at the start of the year.

The children love it, they love the music and the dance and learned it so quickly.    

We began our celebration of Latin Heritage month by celebrating International Peace Day, and learning about Cesar Chavez, a Mexican-American who worked so hard for justice and helped to establish important rights for farm workers in this country.  Without justice, we cannot have peace. 

"I want for them to be passionate about Spanish, and to realize that we are all citizens of the world.”  

-Anita Costales

Vengan a cantar la morenada que empieza a sonar.
Como el vuelo de una mariposa vamos todos a bailar.

Con las manos, 
Con los pies,
La morenada.


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Safety First - winter weather is coming!

Drop off and pick up are a vital part of every day.  Some parents make use of St. Anne’s buses and vans, others drop off and/or pick up their children every day.  We understand that parents and caregivers may have other things on their minds when they turn onto our lane.  With the days growing shorter and winter weather coming, we want to emphasize the importance of observing key vehicle safety guidelines at this time of day:  
Be patient! Please remain in the car line on the main lane into St. Anne’s even if you plan to park and walk in to pick up your child.  We encourage all families to make use of carline; St. Anne’s staff work hard to load and unload your students safely and quickly.  If a child is unloading or loading in front of you on the main circle, do not pull out around the car.  Please wait until you can proceed safely.  Drive slowly on the circle at all times.

Be attentive! Make sure your car is stopped before unloading and make sure your exiting passengers are away from your car and far onto the curb before driving off.

Be pro-active! When possible, please have your children exit and enter on the passenger side of the car, so that they do not load or unload on the driver’s side and into traffic. 

Be careful! Look around you before pulling in or pulling out. Little people and big backpacks are everywhere. Please remind your child to stand or walk on the sidewalk and not the yellow-painted curb. Use additional caution during the winter months when exiting St. Anne’s lane onto Silver Lake Rd as roads can get slippery.  The driveway, the circle, and sidewalks may also be slippery; please slow down.  Approach all turns and stops with caution as slippery conditions are not always visible.

Be safe! Take the time to buckle in. Pull ahead as far as possible or onto the grass on the far side of the circle and get everyone settled and secure before driving off.  
Here are a few more reminders to keep things safe and the traffic flowing:

  • If you plan on walking to the building from the parking lot to pick up your child, we suggest that you plan on arriving no later than 3:05 PM while there is minimal two-way traffic on the school's main road. Should you arrive later than 3:05 PM, please remain in the car line until you reach the first entrance to the parking lot and are able to park.
  • If you choose to park and walk in to pick up your child, please use extra caution when exiting the parking lot.  People and moving vehicles are everywhere.  Vehicles in carline have the right of way. Stop, make eye contact and drive slowly when exiting the lot.  Observe the safety procedures noted above when driving around the circle.
  • Out of consideration for others who are dropping off and picking up, please do not leave your vehicle unattended in carline for any reason. Park in a parking space instead.
  • Obey the directions of the St. Anne’s faculty and staff who are managing drop off and dismissal.  
  • School buses and vans have the right of way at all times. 

We thank you for your attention to these important safety details as you help us to welcome and say goodbye to your children every day.

Join Us for the Next Diversity and Inclusion Chat
Diversity and Inclusion Chat



You are invited to attend the next Diversity and Inclusion meeting. We had a very productive initial chat at Starbucks last month and we're keeping the conversation going. Please join Peter, Jill, and Amy to discuss topics that are prevalent as we are committed to ensuring our school community and climate are inclusive. Let your voice be heard; we love to hear your input and ideas! All are welcome to attend.

What:  Parent Diversity and Inclusion Chat

When: Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 at 8:15am

Where: St. Anne's Library


Have you seen what's inside your Vidgami?
Renee Chaudoin

Have you activated your Vidigami account?  If not, please check your email for an activation message from Vidigami sent 10/24/18.  Once you are logged in you will see photos of your students taken by teachers and other parents!

If you have not activated your Vidigami account then you are missing out on precious photos of our students.  Check your email inbox for your invitation to join Vidigami, St. Anne’s photo sharing application.  Your email was sent Wednesday10/24 with the title “Welcome to Vidigami."

Please watch the video below for more information about Vidigami!

St. Anne's Families - Introducing Vidigami Photo Sharing from St. Anne's Episcopal School on Vimeo.

Sign up for Vidigami in Just a Few Steps

1. Visit your email account on file with St. Anne's

2. Look for the email with the subject "Welcome to Vidigami at St. Anne's Episcopal School"


3. Follow the instructions in the email to login and view pictures of your student and their classmates.

4. Tagging of faces will be done by users until the system has enough photos on file for each and then tagging will be done automatically.  If you recognize a student then feel free to tag them. Watch this video on How to Tag in Vidigami

5. Visit the Apple or Google Play Store and search for "Vidigami" Download onto your phone and other mobile devices.  

If you have any questions about this process please email Renee Chaudoin.

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Employment Opportunities

  • Middle School Spanish Teacher - Full-time
  • Spring Lacrosse and Soccer Coaching Positions - Part-time


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