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October 24, 2018

2nd graders study the White Oak at Old St. Anne's
5th Grade students complete robotics programming
Image of Kindergarten girls completing a puzzle
Image of Mrs. Hushions 4th grade
Image of PreK boys in table top activity
3rd grader works on topographic map of West Virginia at St. Anne's
Image of student in Art Elective
Image of Mr. Ryan's Advisory Group


* I am grateful to be on the receiving end of Heart, Mind & Spirit …


HMS Week 2

Like most parents, we were first drawn to St. Anne’s through our desire to provide a quality education for our children.  We imagine our children, Sophie and Grant, learning in chapel, or exploring nature outdoors, or actively engaged in learning with their friends – and it makes us smile.  As a parent volunteer, I am grateful to be on the receiving end of the Heart, Mind & Spirit campaign – to have had the opportunity to meet so many others and become closer to the school we all hold so dear – and to benefit from the joy of learning that our children bring home every day.

-Lee Edgar, Heart, Mind & Spirit Campaign Co-Chair, P’24, P’27

We are now completing Week 2 of our 5-week Heart, Mind & Spirit campaign!

The Heart, Mind & Spirit Fund allows us to say “yes” to great opportunities for our faculty and students. 

This year’s gifts to the Fund will:

  • Purchase garden mulch for planted beds and playground mulch for safe and joyous recess. 
  • Create new spaces for outdoor education and purchase outside teaching supplies.
  • Empower our teachers through professional development and leadership opportunities.

Tuition dollars do not cover the full cost of a St. Anne’s education.  Because every family benefits from the Heart, Mind & Spirit fund, we ask you and every family to consider a pledge of support before our 5-week campaign ends. 

We hope you will consider a gift to support your child’s educational experience at St. Anne’s.  Your gift could be made by completing the attached pledge form and could be paid out through monthly installments, or it could be made as a one-time gift.
The 5-week campaign ends on November 16, 2018. All we need from you now, in order to count your participation is a pledge of support.

Please return your completed pledge card to St. Anne’s, or, set up your gift online by clicking on the button below:

I would like to make a gift online

Help us achieve our goal and get to 100% participation!

We welcome your questions and interest in the Heart, Mind, and Spirit campaign!  Please contact Lisa Slinkard with your questions via email (lslinkard@stannesde.org) or telephone (302) 378-3179 x347 to learn more. 


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