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May 17, 2019

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St. Anne's Middle School Chorus sang beautifully on Thursday Night at the concert.

Middle School Chorus performed "Sing and Shout!", "Can You Hear?", and "High Hopes" at their spring concert, then had fun with the audience singing "We Will Rock You."  

St. Anne's Second through Fourth graders harmonize beautifully at the concert

The second, third, and fourth graders harmonized  beautifully, and sang from their hearts at their spring concert.  

St. Anne's Middle School orchestra played beautifully and the spring concert

St. Anne's Middle School orchestra played "Africa," "Classical Bash," "Amazing Grace," and "Natural" at the Spring concert this year.

Students play many instruments in the St. Anne's Middle School Orchestra.

St. Anne's Middle School Orchestra includes violins, cellos, clarinets, flutes, piano/keyboards, trombone, acoustic and electric guitar, and acoustic and electric bass, drums, and percussion.  

St. Anne's 2nd graders purchased and delivered supplies for Paws for Life with the proceeds from their book store.

Second graders paid a special visit to Paws for Life, their chosen charity to benefit from the used book store that they ran themselves.

St. Anne's faculty and staff planted two trees in loving memory of Harriet Sweeney, who cared for our building for many years, and Bob Wessell, one of our school's first bus drivers.  

Third graders sorted the clothing donated by our community for the Clothing Bank of Delaware.

Thank you to our clothing donors!  Third graders sorted the clothes and the items have been picked up by the Clothing Bank of Delaware.  They will visit the Clothing Bank next week.  

Fort building is one of several electives offered this spring at St. Anne's middle school.

Middle Schoolers enjoy the fort building elective!  



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