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december 17TH, 2021

Hello St. Anne’s Families and Friends,

It seems like I spend a lot of time saying thank you these days. As I look at the challenges faced by many around the world, I/we have to acknowledge our good fortune. I used to think that the world owed me many things and during the holiday season I was particularly “scroogelike”. I realize that the more my focus was on things, the more unhappy I would become. These days I breathe much easier as our St. Anne’s community engages in conversations about the gift of kindness, the gift of time, and other gifts that can’t be purchased at the mall. 

Last evening we were treated to the gift of music as our chorus, band, and orchestra students. Under the tutelage of Mr. Ed Ryan and Mr. CJ Jentzsch got our holiday season off to a great start, while simultaneously bringing 2021 to a close on a musical high note. 

So once again, I say Thank You. Thank you for the support you have given during a year that has taken many twists and turns. Thank you for keeping a positive attitude and remaining flexible. I look forward to 2022 and wish each of you a happy holiday season.   




Testing Policy for Return to School

We are encouraged that many of our students have been vaccinated against COVID-19.  To ensure our Director of Health Services knows which of our students are fully vaccinated when contact tracing, we ask that you please update your child's COVID-19 vaccination status by way of sending a copy of the vaccination card to Mike Phillips now at 

We encourage you to get your children vaccinated. Per the State of Delaware Coronavirus dashboard: 

   “Vaccine breakthrough cases are expected. COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a critical tool to bring the pandemic under control. However, no vaccines are 100% effective at preventing illness in vaccinated people."

Of the 556,078 fully vaccinated Delawareans, there have been 8,341 breakthrough cases of COVID-19, roughly 1.50%.

With regard to the return to school on January 3rd, our policy as follows:

  • Unvaccinated individuals must take a PCR test on or after December 28th and upload the result to Mike Phillips. We must receive a negative result prior to your child returning to campus on January 3rd.

  • Vaccinated individuals are not mandated to get a test but are encouraged to do so.

  • Our weekly Quidel testing will resume Thursday January 6th, 2022.

Please be in touch with us if any member of your household tests positive or has an exposure to someone who has tested positive. Thank you for your support..


Plan in Case of Virtual Learning

As always, our #1 goal is to be in person, on campus for learning; however, in the case of a circumstance to arise where we need to transition to a period of Virtual Learning we have a plan in place.  How the school would navigate communication and learning plans in the event that a LS/PS homeroom, an entire MS grade level, or a larger group of students would need to be out of school for safety reasons (snowstorm) or to mitigate health risks associated with the Covid-19 virus is outlined in the linked document below.

Large Group Isolation Plan

Viral “National Bring Your Gun to School Day” Address

Use the link below to read our School's message regarding the “National Bring Your Gun to School Day” video that went viral.



Moments of the Week!

Scroll through the slideshow to see fantastic pics from this week of school!

Visit our Facebook page for more great moments captured. 

Alumni Reunion 12/17

Fifth Grade chatting away in their concert attire before homeroom!

Fifth Grade chatting away in their concert attire before homeroom!

Fifth Grade chatting away in their concert attire before homeroom!

Pre-K Pajama and Pancake Day

Spanish Club made the "Chocolate Caliente" Hot Chocolate

Spanish Club made the "Chocolate Caliente" Hot Chocolate

PK left traces of being "swept away to the outdoors". 

Spanish Club made the "Chocolate Caliente" Hot Chocolate

Pre-K Pajama and Pancake Day

Pre-K Pajama and Pancake Day

Pre-K Pajama and Pancake Day

Pre-K Pajama and Pancake Day

Spanish Club made the "Chocolate Caliente" Hot Chocolate

Spanish Club made the "Chocolate Caliente" Hot Chocolate

Kindergarten wellness- holiday song with scarves and playing monster ball!

Kindergarten wellness- holiday song with scarves and playing monster ball!

Pre K nature walk !

PK monster ball!

PK monster ball!

4th grade monster ball!

4th grade monster ball!


2nd Grade STEM- Winter Solstice 

Second graders learned about the upcoming Winter Solstice and celebrated by designing and building winter LEGO creations. 

Fourth Graders - Soaring High & Flying Free

4th grade took a swing on our campus' new Rope Course



Video of Ludwig Soaring and Loving It!

Flying comets and traveling asteroids filled the St. Anne’s gym this week when the Second graders launcher into space their “out of this world’ play called “The Solar System Saga”



No updates for this week. Check out the basketball schedules below and come out to support our Herons! 



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Grandparent Contact Form



St. Anne's will be expanding it's summer camp offerings in 2022.  Please look for more information in January



Student Led Band "The Merge" Performs

The student led band "The Merge " kicked off Reindeer Games with their rendition of " It's a Long Way to the Top (if you want to rock roll)" by AC/DC.  Eli M. rewrote the lyrics with a Christmas theme.

6th - Jaxon P. (keyboards), Austin E. (guitar), Jayden A. (guitar) Cooper H. (drums), Luke R. (bass), Eli M. (lead vocals)
5th - Ryan G. (drums), Callen K.(bass), Tommy W. (keyboards)

 Heron Heroes is a way for us to recognize the many wonderful and varied things being done by members of our community that exemplify the St. Anne’s values of respect, responsibility, and compassion and support our school.

This Week's Hero:

Christopher Jentzsch


New to our community and coming off a year with no singing at St. Anne’s, Mr. Christopher Jentzsch, or Mr. J. as the students call him, seamlessly integrated singers from grades 3-8 to create two beautiful Christmas programs.  He rearranged much of the music so that the singers could perform to authentic accompaniment. He was also able to reconstruct the nativity story in song which was enjoyed all. Beyond that, Mr. J has an incredibly earnest and endearing way about him that has earned the trust of his students and makes them want to perform for him. All in his first year at St. Anne’s! By the way, if you missed the concert, check it out on Facebook.

If you would like to nominate someone, (student, faculty member, alum, parent, any community member), please email Tayler John: with the subject heading “Heron Heroes”, along with your reason for nomination. Each Heron Hero will receive a $15 gift card to a local business. 


Thank you to the many families and friends that joined us for our Virtual Christmas Concerts this year.

If you were unable to  join us , both concert videos are linked below: 

Christmas Concerts Videos


Holidays Around the World 2021

This week, First Grade continued our travels around the world learning about how other cultures celebrate the Winter Holidays. We traveled to India, France, Mexico, and Sweden, before finally concluding our trip here in the USA! Our first week of travels took us to Germany, Jamaica, Italy, Israel and Pakistan. We had some wonderful tour guides that helped us learn more about the other cultures we researched, and a special THANK YOU is in order for all of our visitors who took time out of their busy schedules to come join in the fun! Please enjoy some photos of our travels and we wish all of you a Happy Holiday season and a Blessed New Year!

8th Grade DNA Week

Eighth grade scientists were studying DNA this week.  They first learned about important scientists that discovered the structure, focusing specifically on Rosalind Franklin, the woman for whom our outdoor classroom space is named.  Then students were challenged to use a variety of materials to design and create their own accurate model of DNA.  Finally they extracted DNA from different fruits to compare.

7th and 2nd Grade Connections

Which group could build the tallest tower out of giant, medium, and small marshmallows, with toothpicks and Q-tips? Students had to work together to make a plan and revise it as they realized their structure may need more support than anticipated. They all had a great time working together.

6th grade computer science students experiencing the problem-solving process by building a paper tower. They developed a plan, constructed a tower, evaluated the product, adjusted their design, and constructed a second tower that was taller and/or more stable than the first. 

Before they began, students identified what it would take to work successfully as a team - growth mindset, adaptability, perseverance, patience, and the ability to listen. 

Tis the season for cardboard! 

Are boxes, bubble-wrap and fun-shaped packaging piling up at your house?  We would love to collect these at school for a building project the 6th graders will complete in mid-January.

K sings Jingle all the Way

Winter Break Begins December 17th- January 2nd

Return to School: Jan 3rd

January 14th- Inservice Day: No School

January 17th- MLK Day: No School

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Hot Lunch Offered:


Please review your student's Hot Lunch Online account to ensure all information, including GRADE, is correct.  This will assist in the distribution of lunch orders to the ordering students.  Thank you

Please note: ALL hot lunches must be ordered in advance on the Hot Lunch Online website within six days of the hot lunch day.  In order to avoid instances where students think they are receiving the hot lunch option, and are not on the order list, PLEASE VERIFY YOUR ORDER WAS ACCEPTED  AND THE CHECKOUT PROCESS IS COMPLETED! 

For more information and to order use the link below: 

Order Hot Lunch 

Absences & Changes in Transportation 

It is important for our nurses to be notified if your student is going to be absent from school. Please remember to send an email stating your students name, reason for being absent, and symptoms (if applicable).


Changes in Transportation


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