Middle School News

Heron Proud
Jill Reilly, Middle School Head

Recently, Kayley Rivera - Class of 2022 - offered me a piece of her artwork. I was honored and inspired by both her kind gesture and the message of her work. I also appreciated her willingness to share her gifts and talents. 

There were so many things I liked about the drawing. The title, "Be Heron Proud"  made me smile. Mr. Barry Davis has been signing many of his community messages with #heronproud, and it's also a popular hashtag for St. Anne's folks on Facebook and Instagram.  Also, blue and green have always been my favorite colors, and I especially liked that Kayley included our three core values in her piece: Respect, Responsibility, and Compassion. These are the values that anchor all that we do at St. Anne's. 

After receiving Kayley's beautiful artwork, I was curious about several things, including what motivated her and why she felt comfortable sharing. While I have gotten to know Kayley since I arrived at St. Anne's three years ago, I relish opportunities to deepen my understanding of our students. This was a perfect chance to learn more about her. Additionally, I've gotten some of my best ideas from students who share their ideas, suggestions, and dreams. Virtually every time, they share something that is important to them.  I hope you'll enjoy reading her responses. 

Mrs. Reilly: What was your motivation for making and sharing the sign with me?

Kayley: My motivation was that I was looking for something to do for an art project. I decided to share it with you because I thought it might be a nice piece of artwork to add to the middle school office. 

Mrs. Reilly: If you feel like you are known here as St. Anne's, what actions, words, thoughts of teachers, students, leaders, etc. show you that you are known? 

Kayley: I feel like I am known because I feel like I am making an impact on all of the leadership opportunities. All of my teachers often give personal work advice to improve my grades or work. I also feel I am known because all of the students in the Middle School know my name. And in return, I know all of theirs.

Mrs. Reilly: What would you want me to know that I haven't asked yet? 

Kayley: I would like you to know I really appreciate all of the accommodations you are always willing to make for my needs and my father's needs [like having an American Sign Language interpreter at major school events]. 

Thank you, Kayley, for sharing not only your artistic talents and artwork with us but also for sharing your thoughts and insights.

Heron Proud