About Us - St. Anne's Episcopal School


St. Anne's Episcopal School opened its doors in the fall of 2002 to 197 students. St. Anne’s was conceived in the late 1990s through initiatives of educational visionaries at St. Andrew's School, a highly regarded boarding school founded in 1929 that is just across Silver Lake from St. Anne's.

In 1999 strategic planning for St. Andrew's noted that recruitment and retention of a strong faculty and administrative staff for St. Andrew's would be greatly enhanced by access to a fine, independent elementary and middle school. In describing his reason for founding St. Andrew’s, Alexis Felix duPont wrote in the late 1920s that his vision was to support the creation of “schools of definitely Christian character in Delaware.” 

Thus the seeds of St. Anne's Episcopal School were planted for the benefit of the families associated with St. Andrew's, as well as the growing population in the greater Middletown, Delaware area. St. Andrew’s offered access to the 125-acre property and made a generous contribution to help establish an endowment. The endowment, valued now at over $9 million, enabled the building project to begin in 2001 and continues to provide a foundation for the School. Harvey Zendt served for six years as the founding Head of School from 2002 until July 2008, when he was succeeded by Peter Thayer.

St. Anne's Episcopal School Foyer