Head of School Search

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St. Anne’s Episcopal School invites nominations and applications for the position of Head of School.

St. Anne’s Episcopal School provides students in Preschool through grade eight with a dynamic, robust, and developmentally appropriate educational experience which prepares them well for high school and lifelong learning. With a focus on enhancing the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, and artistic growth of its students, St. Anne’s empowers children to realize their potential for good as citizens of local communities and the world. Small classes in a caring community of creative and engaging teachers ensure that each student receives the benefits of an individualized academic program grounded in the rich history of intellectual inquiry that characterizes Anglican education. A robust arts, athletics and activities program rounds out opportunities for St. Anne’s students, who graduate equipped not only with extraordinary competence but also with the drive to serve others and to make a difference in the world.

St. Anne’s Episcopal School sits on a stunning 125-acre campus in Middletown, Delaware. Along with the school building, constructed in 2002 (addition in 2018), the campus includes premier outdoor education space, an outdoor chapel, multi-sport athletic fields, learning pavilion, woodlands, agricultural land and a nature preserve. The school was founded in 2002 by educators at St. Andrew’s School, a prestigious boarding school located just across Silver Lake from the St. Anne’s campus. St. Anne’s is situated in one of the fastest growing areas of the Mid-Atlantic and centrally located near a wide range of communities: small-town charm in Odessa, the nearby planned community of Whitehall, Galena and Chestertown in Maryland, urban life in Wilmington, or rural settings dotted with horse farms. The school’s location in Middletown offers easy access to cultural and historical offerings in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as well as the natural beauty of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Delaware’s popular beach towns.

The Head of School reports to the Board of Trustees and will be responsible for providing a vision to advance the school’s mission of preparing students for lifelong learning. The Head of School will lead St. Anne’s 67 skilled and caring faculty and staff members who support the school’s 250 students, while overseeing the academic program, enrollment, strategic planning, and fundraising opportunities. The most qualified candidate will be an experienced leader with strong academic and administrative experience, demonstrate an ability to build relationships with multiple constituent groups, show a strong and demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion, have a proven record of championing the value of independent school education, and embrace the Episcopalian values of the school.

For consideration, please send all nominations or applications (résumé and cover letter) to:

Sherry Coleman, Partner
Sue Bosland, Partner
Lisa Solinsky, Associate

For more information, please visit St. Anne’s Episcopal School at www.stannesde.org.
It is the policy of St. Anne’s to provide an equal employment opportunity to all applicants for
employment and not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sex (including reproductive health decisions, pregnancy and related conditions), age, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, national origin, disability, marital status, genetic information, status as a veteran, family responsibilities, or victims of domestic violence, sexual offenses, or stalking, or any other status protected by law.

Survey From Search Committee

November 12, 2018


Dear St. Anne's Community,

Thank you for completing this short survey as we work together to find the best person to lead our wonderful School into the future. All responses are confidential and will be used by the Search Committee to find candidates who best fit the essential needs and aspirations of our unique community. To fill out the survey, please click here.


With much appreciation,

The Search Committee

Search Committee

November 14, 2018


Dear St. Anne's Community,

Thank you for your time meeting with and sharing your experiences with our Storbeck Pimentel consultants Sue Bosland, Sherry Coleman and Lisa Solinsky. Your input is of vital importance because it helps develop a profile of our School and of the desired attributes in candidates for St. Anne's next Head of School. This profile will help guide the search and selection process. Please do fill out the survey that you received earlier this week.

A St. Anne's Search Committee will be working with the guidance and support of Storbeck Pimentel in identifying and interviewing promising candidates, and ultimately recommending to the Board of Trustees one candidate to serve as the next Head of School. The search must be conducted with careful attention to and significant input from St. Anne's School's many constituencies.

The aim of the Committee is to conduct a search whose process is thoroughly transparent, but with the understanding that the identities of those applying for the position must be kept completely confidential. Accordingly, throughout the process, and forever after, the Search Committee and its staff will commit to complete confidentiality as to the names of the candidates, the nature of the committee's deliberations, and the details pertaining to the selection. Subject to this constraint, the co-chairs of the Search Committee will make periodic reports to members of the St. Anne's School Community about the progress of the search.

The members of the Search Committee are:

Jason Honsel Co-Chair of the Search Committee 
Ana Ramírez Co-Chair of the Search Committee 
Harry Baetjer 
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware, Kevin Brown
Jeanette Davidson-Flower 
Priya Dixit-Patel 
Anthony Johnson 
Will Robinson 
Amy Shepherd
Michelle Wolinski



Jason Honsel 
Ana Ramírez

Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates Chosen to Lead Search



Logo St. Anne's Episcopal School

October 30, 2018


Dear St. Anne's Community,

After a detailed and thorough search and interview process of different education executive search firms, the St. Anne's Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the partnership with Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates for our Head of School search.

Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates is a highly regarded firm with years of experience focused on executive search in the education and non-profit sectors. Storbeck/Pimentel's vast knowledge of leadership searches combined with their team approach assures a breadth and depth of expertise working to find the best candidate for our school. SPA partners Sherry Coleman and Sue Bosland will lead the team working with our school. Sherry and Sue will visit St. Anne's on Wednesday, November 7 and Thursday, November 8 to meet with Trustees, Faculty, Staff and Parents. Their conversations and time on our campus will give them a better understanding of our school and develop strategies that will produce the best candidate pool and search outcome possible. A specific schedule will be published this week. For those who are unable to meet with Sherry and Sue while on campus, a survey will go out to the entire school community following their visit.

I am sharing Sue and Sherry's biographies so you also have an opportunity to start getting to know them before next week.

Sue Bosland brings to Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates extensive experience in the independent school sector, having held key leadership positions in primary and secondary education over the course of three decades. Most recently, Sue completed a long and successful tenure as Head of School at Kent Place School, a position she held for eighteen years. Sue well understands the challenges and opportunities in independent school education, especially strategic planning, development, capital campaigns, diversity and anti-bias initiatives, curriculum development, leadership training and coaching, building dynamic teams, and overseeing major projects such as new construction and the creation of innovative educational spaces. Sue has actively brought her expertise to many boards in this sector, serving on boards for organizations such as the National Coalition of Girls' Schools and The Head Mistresses Association of the East, and holding leadership positions at The Heads Network (formerly NAPSG) and the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools. Additionally, she has served on the boards of individual independent schools. Other professional affiliations include: The Country Day School Headmasters' Association (Member), The Headmasters Association (Member), and Teachers College, Columbia University (Field Instructor).

Sherry is a Delaware resident and very familiar with St. Anne's since its inception. She is a former St. Anne's Board member who loves the mission of the school and has extensive experience doing PK-8 Head of School searches for a range of school types. Sherry understands the challenges and opportunities faced by the most senior managers in schools, especially in regard to hiring, retention, and other strategic initiatives. In addition, she has previously worked as a teacher and school administrator and adjunct professor. Sherry was the founding director of the Independent School Consortium (ISC) of Greater Philadelphia, an organizational resource that focused on the recruitment and retention of faculty and administrators of color. What began as a three-year DeWitt Wallace Readers' Digest grant with five schools grew to include over 20 schools and became a trusted source of support for administrators and faculty of color for more than 17 years. ISC became a sustaining and vital link to many successful educators of color in independent schools. This initiative led to nationwide search and recruitment work successfully placing school leaders including Heads, Assistant Heads, Division Directors, and other senior managers. Sherry has built an extensive and diverse network of contacts throughout the country. Sherry was the 2013 recipient of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Diversity Leadership Award. She is actively involved in national and community organizations, and she has served as a trustee for independent and charter schools.




Ana Ramírez

Board President

A Message from St. Anne's President of the Board of Trustee


Logo St. Anne's Episcopal School

October 19, 2018


Dear St. Anne's Community,

As Board President it is with gratitude for and admiration of Peter Thayer's years of leadership and service to St. Anne's Episcopal School that I am letting you know that he has chosen to make the 2018-2019 school year his last as Head of School. During Peter's tenure, he has enriched the St. Anne's community and its academic, athletic, arts and after school programs. Further, the entire community has appreciated his strong work ethic, his positive spirit and genuine love for his students.

St. Anne's is known for its invigorating and rigorous academic program. During Peter's tenure, the school has enhanced its program in many ways including a commitment to sustainability and science with unique outdoor and STEM programs and a nationally recognized Singapore Math program. St. Anne's students graduate with strong communication and analytical skills developed in math, reading, social studies and language arts, as well as a love of the fine arts and a growing sense of compassion and justice.

Today, St. Anne's is also known as a school of inclusion, love and kindness. Peter and his team have significantly increased the cultural diversity of our student body; 30% of the students now identify as biracial, Asian, African-American, Caribbean-American, Latin, Middle Eastern and/or Native American. Our religious diversity has also increased significantly, making our school a community that welcomes and celebrates many beliefs.

Under his leadership, the school has undertaken two strategic planning processes, a comprehensive self-study, and hosted the Middle States Association accreditation team that affirmed our mission and good standing. The school's substantial increase in foundation and donor support, as well as the successful Open Heart, Open Minds Capital Campaign that raised $2.44 million, has enabled the construction of a new music room, enhanced financial aid, improvements to our playing fields and outdoor spaces, as well as new opportunities for professional development.

Upon learning of Peter's plans, the Board of Trustees began interviewing national search firms that will help us to identify our next Head of School. As we move forward in this process, we will continue to share information with the community.

On behalf of the School's community and the Board of Trustees, I want to thank Peter for his dedication to and love of St. Anne's. As he leaves our brick building and its red doors, we know that his spirit and legacy will continue to live in our community.




Ana Ramírez

Board President


Logo St. Anne's Episcopal School

October  12, 2018


Dear Ana,

After considerable soul-searching and conversations with my family, I am writing today to officially inform the Board of Trustees that the 2018-2019 school year will be my 11th and concluding year as Head of School at St. Anne's Episcopal School. This timing feels appropriate as we will have set the future path of the school through the hard work of the Board and the Strategic Planning Committee, and the school is poised to take the next steps in its growth and deserves to have a new leader in place to set the pace for the journey.

In June I will have worked 41 years in four independent schools, so it seems to be a fitting time for Francie and me to explore new adventures together. I have always sought to honor my father's mantra "to leave a place better than you found it," and I have given my best to help fulfill the school's important mission without overstaying my capacity to make a difference for the community. What the future holds for Francie and me is still to be discerned. Certainly finding ways to spend more time together and with our three children is a priority. Since they are spread out all over the country, that will likely involve some overdue travel plans. Also, my mother is 93 and still quite vital, so I look forward to spending more time with her and connecting more with my numerous siblings and their families. In addition, I am excited to consider what personal and professional pursuits are yet to be discovered.

My opportunity at St. Anne's has been and continues to be one I will treasure forever. Words simply cannot express the depth of gratitude I feel for the wonderful years spent as a part of this community since 2008. The St. Anne's family afforded me the honor and privilege to work with some of the finest and most caring teachers, staff and administrators as well as providing personal and professional relationships and memories that will last Francie and me a lifetime. Since those red doors opened in 2002, our teachers have been the heart and soul of St. Anne's, and it has been my remarkable joy to learn from and with them. I have also had the great fortune of partnering with thoughtful and caring Board Presidents in Gordon Brownlee, Gretchen Hurtt, Hick Rowland, and now you. Along with the school, our trustees are growing and learning in their good governance and philanthropic support of St. Anne's. Our teachers and staff work hard every day to know, love, challenge, and inspire our children, and they bring incredible talent and dedication to this community. Our parents, alumni parents, and alumni are a source of support, collaboration, and encouragement. And our students continue to bring me joy and inspiration every day. I offer my deepest thanks to all of these great people, and I look forward to working together this school year to help secure the future for St. Anne's for generations to come.

I know some might wonder, "what comes next?" First and foremost is another nine months of engaging, energizing, and vital work on behalf of our St. Anne's students, faculty, and community. I remain blessed to partner with people dedicated to fulfilling our mission and serving the needs of each child. I am also dedicated to doing my part to ensure a smooth and successful transition for the next individual fortunate enough to lead this school, just as Harvey Zendt did for me. St. Anne's will be an extremely appealing and exciting opportunity for any number of talented educators seeking a community with the heart and mission to help children grow in wisdom and love.




Peter Thayer

Head of School