St. Anne's prepares students for secondary education and lifelong learning. We strive to enhance the intellectual, spiritual, physical, social and artistic growth of our students so that they may realize their potential for good as citizens of local and world communities.

Head of School News


Dear St. Anne's Community,

It was another great week at St. Anne's Episcopal School. Our faculty continue to challenge our students to reach beyond the "A", encouraging them to reset academic goals where necessary, reflect and set the bar higher. While some students can exhale with the completion of ERB testing, others will be taking the standardized test this week. It is important to note that we assess the academic progress of our students in a number of ways, ERB's being just one.  

I had my first experience with the blessing of the animals and absolutely loved it. I have to admit that I can't tell you much about the Chapel service, as the little boy in me was completely taken by the number of people in the gymnasium, all of the animals, and how well behaved the people and animals were. As I refocused and started to sing one of the hymns, I inadvertently let my dog leash go and my Bernese Mountain dog was off to make friends with a cute little poodle. In the end, blessings were received by all animals, stuffed or otherwise. Many thanks to our visiting Chaplains, Jay Hutchinson of St. Andrew's, Russ Bohner and Celeste Cox of St. Anne's Church, Middletown, and Chuck Weiss of Christ Church, Dover. 

I spent the remainder of the week at the National Association of Episcopal Schools Jonathon T. Glass Institute for Heads of School. It was a very informative few days, with much of the conversation centered around Episcopal identity and relationships. I met many amazing people from across the country and enjoyed the exchange of ideas. What I found most powerful was the following quote which we include on our website.

"Episcopal schools exist not merely to educate, but to demonstrate and proclaim the unique worth and beauty of all human beings as creations of a loving, empowering God… They are created to serve God in all persons, regardless of origin, background, ability, or religion."

I enjoyed my new friends and was also quite happy to return to St. Anne's for the Fall Festival. It was interesting that so many of the topics discussed at the institute had been in action throughout the week at St. Anne's. The unique worth and beauty of all beings and creations are on display each day at 211 Silver Lake Road, regardless of origin, background, ability, or religion. At the Festival I found so much joy in, our student bands, Karaoke performances on the Hay Wagon, the Moon Bounce, assorted games, great food, including S'mores, oh, and the face painting (I strongly recommend the Wakanda/Bob Marley look), and best of all the opportunity to talk and laugh with members of the community. What a great week, what a great evening. We are truly blessed to have each other. 

Thank you to our SAPA volunteers for your work on the Fall Festival, and all who made this an amazing week. #heronproud. 



"The world is never saved in grand gestures, but in the simple accumulation of gentle, soft, almost invisible acts of compassion every day."  -Chris Abani-